IEEE Special Interest Group in Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT) Train The Trainer Workshop

Location:  Penang, Malaysia

Venue: The Wembley St. Giles Premier Hotel, Penang, Malaysia
Date: 5th November 2017 @ IEEE TENCON 2017

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IEEE TENCON 2017 participants are encouraged to attend this workshop

IEEE SIGHT trainers are the “feet on the ground” volunteers who are willing to take initiative to support and deliver trainings to their sight groups to apply their unique skill sets to tackle complex local challenges and create positive social impact.


Why should I consider applying for trainers of IEEE SIGHT trainers network?

I am a member of IEEE SIGHT Group

  • Supporting your IEEE SIGHT Group for the vitality and sustainability for the initiatives and projects
  • Increasing overall awareness of SIGHT both within IEEE and beyond.
  • Strengthening the overall resources for your SIGHT group.

I am not a member of any existing IEEE SIGHT Group

  • Supporting your organizational unit for formation of new IEEE SIGHT Groups and Projects applications
  • Increasing overall awareness Humanitarian Technology Initiatives  for your community


The process of becoming trainer of ieee sight trainers network

1) Participate Training for Trainers Event – Participation to one of the IEEE SIGHT Global Training for Trainers face to face event and completing following series of online training within 6 months of period.
2) Attend Training Webinars – Participation in at least 4 webinars training out of 6 within following 6 months after Training for Trainers event.
3) Organize at least 3 Trainings to your local group – Candidates Trainers will be responsible for organizing at least 3 trainings for their local group within 6 months. Candidates trainers need to send notification of their training before the event and provide a report after the event.
4) You will become an official trainer of IEEE SIGHT Trainers Network – Our trainings will support you to build social impact with targeted learning for your community. Humanitarian Institute takes you beyond the short-term and engages your local group identifying a purpose on sustainability for your ongoing initiatives. You will be “Certified Trainer of IEEE SIGHT” after completing this program to create better impact for future initiatives and officially part of IEEE SIGHT Trainers Network.


Eligibility to join IEEE SIGHT global training for trainers

Self-nominations are encouraged. You need endorsement by:
– Your IEEE SIGHT Professional Group
– Each IEEE SIGHT Groups will be eligible to nominate their own volunteers to participate in this program

Other Professional Organizational Units without SIGHT Groups, If there is no existing IEEE SIGHT Groups:
– IEEE Section Chairs
– IEEE Regional Humanitarian Activity Coordinators
– IEEE Regional Boards

They are able to nominate and endorse volunteers to participate this program.

We kindly remind you, there is no travel funding for participating this workshop.