2016 IEEE Malaysia Student Congress



  • To improve a networking platform for all IEEE Student Branches in Malaysia
  • To enhance research collaborations and exchange of ideas among peers.
  • To encourage and reward students participants from IEEE competitions.
  • To educate the students about IEEE, affinity groups YP and WIE, community services, funding opportunities and career building.

Event Details

Date: Saturday, 15 October 2016
Time: 8:00am to 6:00pm
Venue: Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (A.P.U),

Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


No. of Participants

150 participants including the guest speakers and organizing committee.

Organizing Committee

  • Advisor: Rajesh Ingle, Rachana Garg, Mehvish Zahoor (R10 SAC)
  • Patron: Zuhaina Zakaria, Mohd Faizal, Norliza Mohd Noor, Christopher Chew, P Susthitha Menon (IEEE Malaysia Section)
  • Consultants: Anang Hudaya (YP), Nor Emileen (WIE), Hussain Mahdi, Ali Najah, Fatimah Abd Rahman (R10 SAC)
  • Chair: Mohd Ehsan Rana (APU SB)
  • Co-Chair: Manoj Jayabalan (APU SB)

Organizing Committee: Ashen Gomes, Abdul Raqeb, Ng Ping Jian, Jeff Kong, Saaveethya, Simon Yeoh, Ibrahim, Teshwin, APU SB members



Agenda Invited Speaker
8.00 am Registration / Breakfast / 2016 Final Year Project (FYP) Poster Exhibition
9.00 am Welcome Address Prof. Ron Edwards

(Vice Chancellor, APU)

9.10 am Opening Speech & IEEE Malaysia Vision Zuhaina Zakaria

(Chair, IEEE Malaysia Section)

9.20 am IEEE Malaysia Student Branch Overview

& R10 Video Montage

P Susthitha Menon

(Student Activity Chair)

9.40 am IEEE Malaysia Section YP Overview Anang Hudaya

(YP Malaysia Chair)

9.50 am IEEE Malaysia Section WIE Overview &

WIE Student Network Soft Launch


(R10 WIE)

10.00 am IEEE Individual Benefits and Services Norliza Mohd Noor

(IEEE R10/Malaysia Section Past Chair)

10.10 am Final Year Project (FYP) Award Ceremony Abdul Raqeb
10.40 am Coffee Break / Networking / 2016 Final Year Project (FYP) Poster Exhibition
11.00 am Interactive Session I: Leadership / Inspiration Ashen & Ali Najah
11.30 am Technology Talk: D2K: Data to Knowledge Manoj Jayabalan
11.45 am Grab the Prize – IEEE Quiz Jeff Kong & Ng Ping Jian
12.00 noon IEEE Collabratec Saaveethya & Yeoh Hong Boon
12.20 noon IEEE Resumelab Fatimah Abd Rahman
12.30 noon Photo Session & Lunch / Networking
1.30 pm IEEE Student Branch Infographics Competition Judges: Dr Zuhaina, Dr Norliza, Dr Faizal, Dr Anang (PIC: Hussain & Ali Najah)
2.30 pm Career Talk: How to be a Professional Engineer Ir. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Khairil


3.00 pm Interactive session II: IEEE Entrepreneurship Yeoh Hong Boon
3.30 pm Health Talk: Healthy Lifestyle and Stress Management Siti Munira Yasin
4.00 pm Safety Talk: Occupational Safety and Health Mahanijah Md. Kamal
4.30 pm Coffee Break / Networking / Student Branch Infographics Exhibition
5.00 pm Panel on IEEE Student Branch Development

Moderator: Dr. Susi

Hussain, Ali, Ashen, Fatimah, Ehsan Rana, Abdul Raqeb
5.30 pm IEEE Student Branch Award Ceremony Ibrahim & Teshwin
6.00 pm Closing ceremony

Congress Highlights

  • The event began with the introduction to IEEE Malaysia Student Congress and APU IEEE SB by the emcee.
  • The official welcome address was presented by Prof. Ron Edwards, Vice Chancellor of APU.
  • Opening speech and IEEE Malaysia Vision was delivered by Zuhaina Zakaria, giving audience a broad view on the achievements and community services organized by IEEE Malaysia Section.
  • Overview of IEEE Malaysia Section Student Activities was presented to participants by its chair, P. Susthitha Menon, providing the different ways students can benefit through participating in various events organized by IEEE Malaysia. She concluded with video messages from R10 SAC members; Madam Rachana Garg and Mehvish Zahoor.
  • Anang Hudaya, the chair for YP Malaysia introduced the students to the benefits of Young Professional and the how it got transformed from GOLD.
  • Next, Miss Saaveethya who is an R10 WIE member shared the importance of WIE and their vision to have women empowerment in technological fields. The slot was also used to officially launch the WIE Student Network in Malaysia.
  • Norliza Mohd Noor, the R10 Individual Benefits and Services Coordinator presented to the participants on the benefits and services offered to IEEE members such as discounts on the purchase of selected merchandise.
  • The highlight of the congress was the award ceremony for the 3rd IEEE Malaysia Section Online Final Year Project (FYP) Competition which was held from 6th June till 11th July 2016. We received a total of 155 poster and video submissions from IEEE and non-IEEE undergraduates attached to 20 public/private universities in Malaysia. 33 winners from 13 different technical tracks received cash prizes, plaques and certificates from technical chapter representatives. The winning posters were exhibited to the congress participants during the morning coffee break.
  • Team building activities was not an exception in the congress with an Interactive Session mentored by Ashen and Ali Najah, the Section Student Representatives. Congress participants got to know each other well via the exchange of their names and other information.
  • Next, Manoj Jayabalan, the APU SB Counselor provided a very informative technical session on the process of extracting the hidden knowledge from a volume of data, both in scientific and commercial view points. The session featured with the demand of data analytics and importance of Big Data.
  • In order to engage the participants on IEEE awareness, “Grab the Prize” competition was conducted by Jeff Kong from Curtin Sarawak SB. Questions were distributed to students and 20 winners were selected based on the number of correct answers provided within a limited time. The winners were awarded with USB pen drives, Collabratec gifts and certificates and are as follows: Choy Shao Wei – UTP SB, Chan Chun Yuan – UTEM SB, Foo Jia En – UTEM SB, Wong Wee Sam – Nottingham, Geoffrey – APU, Izzati bt Yusri – UTEM, Fahad Zaman Chowdhury-UM, Almur Abdelkreem-UTP, NurHaslina Binti Abd Rahman – UM, Nur Aleeya binti Bahari – UPM, Agnes Tan Bee Chin – UTP, Muhammad Hanif Al-Hawari Bin Al-Malek Faseh- UiTM, Nisa Syakirah Binti Kamal Azhar-UPM, Fatimah Abd Rahman- UPM, Mariam BT Abd Rahman-UPM, Allan Soon Chan Rong-UTEM, Simon Yeoh – USM, Liew Yao Qin-UTAR, Ahmad Salihin bin Amir-UTM and Haroon Rashid-UKM
  • Saaveethya (WIE) and Yoeh Hong Boon (YP) executed the IEEE Collabratec where the IEEE Malaysia Community Collabratec Soft Launch was done. The team received the IEEE Collabratec Kit from John Day in USA which comprised of 100 pens, 50 pins, 50 flashlights, 50 clips, 10 hats and 100 IEEE Collabratec connect cards. Among the executed activities for Collabratec are as follows:
    • Registration Booth

All participants were notified to signup to IEEE Collabratec and join Malaysia Collabratec community. Each participant was traced for their collabratec identity at the congress registrations. All collabratec members were then given either a collabratec pin or pen. In addition to this, a collabratec card per participant was given along with the goodie bag.

  • Collabratec Session by Saaveethya Sivakumar and Yeoh Hong Boon

Introduction to Collabratec was conducted by Saaveethya and official Malaysia Community launch by Yeoh Hong Boon. A detail explanation of Collabaraetc and its benefits were presented to the audience, an interactive collabratec forum was conducted to get ideas from the audience in running the Malaysia Collabratec community.

  • Collabratec Awards

The Best 10 Posts: During the Collabratec session, the participants were asked to share a post in Malaysia collabratec community page, notifying their presence at Malaysia student congress. The best 10 posts received Collabra Hats and certificates at the closing ceremony. The winners are 1. Haroon Rashid – UKM SB, 2. Chun Yuan Chan – UTEM SB, 3. Kay Li Ng – Curtin SB, 4. Jeff Kong – Curtin SB, 5. Viveghen Emmanuel Velan – UNISEL SB, 6. Abirami – USM SB, 7. Zuhaina Zakaria – Malaysia Section, 8. Anang Hudaya – YP, 9. Andy Tan – USM SB and 10. Simon Yeoh – YP

Collabratec SB Contest (Best Student Branch for most number of collabratec members): One of the student branch officers need to dedicate a special post for their student branch in the Malaysia Community page with #CollabratecMsiaSBContest. The officer must tag all their SB members in the post (pre-requisite: the SB officer should be connected to the members He/She tagging). Contest ended on 13th October, 2016. Collabratec Team analysed the submissions and selected the top 2 SBs with highest number of collabratec members. Winners received certificates and a collabratec goodie pack and the winners are:

1st Prize: Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) SB

2nd Prize: Curtin University Sarawak SB

  • The Impact

We have started rolling the Malaysia community with the launch at the Student Congress. We have managed to up lift the community participant number to 200+. The congress attendees started to network and engage in community posts. The involvement of participants have improved immensely. Collabratec promotional items were also were utilised for quiz session prices, committee appreciations, APU SB volunteer appreciations.

  • Fatimah Abd Rahman, R10 SAC member and UPM SB Chair presented the IEEE ResumeLab for the participants and briefed them on its advantages.
  • An Infographics competition emulating the R10 Congress was conducted and 5 Student Branches participated to showcase the SB activities which was conducted from 1st January till 30th September 2016. The judges selected the best design with the amount of activities completed. Prizes were distributed to the winners towards the end of the student congress. The winners are:
    • 1st Prize (Infographics Competition): USM Student Branch
    • 2nd Prize (Infographics Competition): UKM Student Branch
    • 3rd Prize (Infographics Competition): Curtin Sarawak Student Branch
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Khairil from the Institute of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) provided the career path for the students who are intending on becoming a Professional Engineer.
  • Next, Yeoh Hong Boon from YP Malaysia delivered an interactive session on IEEE Entrepreneurship. He promoted the Hard Tech Summit which is scheduled to be held in Singapore in November.
  • Siti Munira Yasin sponsored by WIE Malaysia gave a talk on staying healthy and the importance of stress management both for students and working profesionals.
  • Mahanijah Md. Kamal, sponsored by WIE Malaysia presented on occupational safety, health related issues and the importance for the organization to comply.
  • Towards the end, a Panel discussion was conducted to raise any queries from the IEEE SB. The discussion was moderated by P. Susthitha Menon along with the members, Muhammad Ehsan Rana, Hussain, Ali, Ashen, Fatima, and Abdul Raqeb. Student branch members had an opportunity to raise their concerns and the members guided them on the approaches to handle the issues.
  • Finally an award ceremony was held to recognize the recipients of MGA/R10 Awards and IEEE Malaysia Section Exemplary Student Branch for 2016. The winners for R10 Awards are follows:
  • MGA Awards
    • Darrel Chong Gold Category – USM SB (Tech Mentors Project)
    • Darrel Chong Silver Category – UKM SB (Asian School on Renewable Energy)
    • Darrel Chong Bronze Category – UKM SB (Flood Relief Mission)
    • Outstanding Counselor Award 2016 -Ain Kamsani from UPM SB
  • R10 Awards
    • R10 Exemplary Student Branch – UPM SB
    • R10 Outstanding EA Volunteer – Tan Kah Hooi from USM SB
  • For the Malaysia Section Exemplary SB Award, previous winners (UPM, UKM and USM SB) were exempted so as to give opportunity to other SBs to showcase their activities and active volunteerism in IEEE. We received 6 nominations (MMU, APU, UM, UTM, Curtin and UNMC SB). The winners were judged based on membership and activities that were organized. They were chosen by IEEE Malaysia Section and the SSRs. The winners are:
    • 1st Prize (Exemplary SB): MMU Student Branch
    • 2nd Prize (Exemplary SB): UTM Student Branch
    • 3rd Prize (Exemplary SB): Curtin Sarawak Student Branch
  • The R10 SYLC Congress attendees from Malaysia Section were recognized for their efforts in winning the Best Cultural Exhibition Booth during the congress. They are P Susthitha Menon, Hussain Mahdi, Saaveethya, Ashen Gomes, Fatimah Abd Rahman, Jeff Kong and Zaid Omar. They received certificates and gifts from IEEE Malaysia Section Chair, Zuhaina Zakaria.
  • Last but not least, all the Malaysia Congress organizing committee members received their participation certificates and gifts for their hardwork in the successful execution of the congress. All invited speakers received certificates and gifts upon completion of their talk
  • The Congress ended with evening tea break and photo sessions
  • The complete photos of the congress can be viewed at IEEE Malaysia Section Student Activities Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ieeemalaysiastudents/