1st IEEE Five Minutes Final Year Project (5MFYP) Competition 2020 – Announcement of Finalist

Dear IEEE Members,

Greetings from IEEE Young Professionals Malaysia!

On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to take the opportunity to announce the official results of the semi-final round of the 1st IEEE Five Minutes Final Year Project (5MFYP) Competition 2020. The main objectives of 5MFYP are:

  • To cultivate students’ academic, presentation and research communication skills.
  • To train, educate and groom the participants with essential skills of presentation and communication.

Prior to the semi-final round, three Pre-Competition Grooming Workshop Sessions were organized to train the participants. We received a total of 83 submissions from students of 15 Colleges and Universities in Malaysia under the categories of Diploma and Bachelor. All the submitted videos can be watched from IEEE Young Professionals Malaysia Official Youtube Channel (https://bit.ly/IEEEYPMY).

It was a tough decision for the Panel of Judges to decide on finalists as all of them were amazing. These finalists will be appearing and competing LIVE in the final round of 1st 5MFYP Competition 2020 next month. All the invited Panel of Judges were from industry and academia backgrounds from Malaysia as well as from overseas.

Congratulations to all the Finalists, their Supervisors/Mentors and respective participating institutes. The List of Finalists from both categories (Diploma and Bachelor) is attached.

1st IEEE 5MFYP Competition 2020 is organized by IEEE Young Professionals Malaysia in collaboration with IEEE Power and Energy Society Malaysia Chapter and IEEE Consultants Network Malaysia.

P/S: In view of the current pandemic situation, the final round will be held virtually.


Dr. Haroon Rashid

Chair, IEEE Young Professionals Malaysia
General Chair, 1st IEEE 5MFYP Competition 2020

List of 5MFYP Finalists (Semi-final Round)

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