Vacancy : MSc Fulltime in Robotics

University / Institute : Universiti Sains Malaysia

Project Title : Soft robot for in-pipe navigation

Contact : Dr. Abdul Sattar Din

Contact Email :

Contact Phone : 0134019604

Nationality Requirements : Applicants must be Malaysian citizens

Description :

A soft robot is a type of robot built entirely from soft and deformable material without any rigid skeleton. The aim of the research is to develop a new novel soft robot with active shape morphing capability for navigation inside pipeline with unknown obstacles. The objectives to be fulfilled are: 1) Investigate, design, and evaluate new shape morphing (shape shifting) and in-pipe locomotion strategy and mechanism for soft robot. 2) Design, fabricate, and evaluate control hardware and algorithm for shape morphing and locomotion of the soft robot. 3) Fabricate a soft robotic crawler and evaluate its navigation performance inside pipeline with corners, junctions, and obstacles. This project requires some skills in mechanical design, 3D modelling using softwares such as Solidworks, or other modelling software, basic electronics, and some programming knowledge. Small financial support will be provided on the monthly basis.