[Result Announcement] R10 SAC 2020 Special Call for Proposals related to COVID-19

I’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate Dr Alpha and his SAC team for securing this fund to support student activities in the Malaysia section.Congratulations!

“Selamat menyambut bulan kemerdekaan.”

Fawnizu Azmadi Hussin, PhDChair, IEEE Malaysia Section

Region 10 Student Activities Committee (SAC) is pleased to announce the following awarded winner for 2020 Special Call for Proposals related to COVID-19.

Congratulations to the following awarded recipients:-

(1) Project Name: Let’s Unchain it

Section: Kerala Section

Student Branch: Viswajyothi College of Engineering and Technology, Vazhakullam Student Branch

Submitter: Jetson Joseph

Team Member: Allen P Biju; Jetson Joseph; Albin Paul; Govind V Shenoy; Devika Suresh Kumar; Uthara Pradeep; Anathakrishnan S Nath; Basil Eldhose

(2) Project Name: Smart Temperature Monitoring and Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

Section: Uttar Pradesh Section

Student Branch:  J S S Academy of Technical Education Student Branch

Submitter: Syed Hasan Askari Rizvi

Team Member: Shreya Gupta; Riya Tohangar

(3) Project Name: Covid19 AI Enabled Chat Bot

Section: Hyderabad Section

Student Branch: Vardhaman College of Engineering Student Branch-Shamshabad Student Branch

Submitter: Mallellu Sai Prashanth

Team Member: Mallellu Sai Prashanth; Dr. Meerja Akhil Jabbar; Durga Nagendra Akash Mallareddy; M. Pranay Kashyap; D. Ajay

(4) Project Name: Find Delivery

Section: Sri Lanka Section

Student Branch: University of Peradeniya Student Branch

Submitter: Ranitha Mataraarachchi

Team Member: S.M. Viraj Dhanushka

(5) Project Name: Engaging with Industry – Leveraging on IR 4.0

Section: Malaysia Section

Student Branch: Section Activity

Submitter: Alpha Agape Gopalai

Team Member: Muhammed Hussein; Chua Wen Shyan ; Amardeep Singh Dhillon A/L Gurdir Singh ; Muhammad Firdaus bin Mohd Zaki ; Nurul Ain Binti Hamizan; Chong Hong Yao; Asif Ahmed

R10 SAC has contacted the awarded winners respectively, and look forward to receiving the report after the event completion, latest by 1 November 2020

The event report shall be submitted to r10sac@ieee.org for evaluation.

Congratulations to the above winners! We hope these awarded projects will contribute and benefits the community.

R10 Student Activities Committee


Best Regards,