[Result Announcement] IEEE R10 SAC Undergraduate Video Contest Results


Greetings from IEEE R10 Student Activities Committee

R10 Student Activities Committee is happy to announce the results for 2020 IEEE R10 Undergraduate Project Video Contest:-

1. First prize

Team members: Nishat Subha, Toshiba Kamruzzaman, Mst. Sumaya Akter

Video title: Development of IoT Based Real Time Cardiac State Monitoring System

Prize: 300 USD + certificate

*Section: Bangladesh Section*

2. Second prize

Team members: Nishchay Singh Muktawat

Video title: EMP Generator

Prize: 200 USD + certificate

*Section: Uttar Pradesh Section*

3. Third prize

Team members: Harsh Patel, Vaibhav Kothi

Video title: E-Bot: Arogya Sahayak

Prize: 100 USD + certificate

*Section: Gujrat Section*

4. Women in Engineering Prize

Team members: Nitya Keshari, Anurag Bajpai, Ishita Jaiswal

Video: U V BOX

Prize: 200 USD + certificate

*Section: Uttar Pradesh Section*

Congratulations to all the winners!

For any enquiry, please contact R10 Student Activities Committee at r10sac@ieee.org