Postgraduate Position – Master or PhD Student on Big Data Project

University / InstituteRazak Faculty of Technology and Informatics, UTM Kuala Lumpur.
Project TitlePredictive Modeling for Prevention and Control of COVID-19 Disease
Start DateOct 01, 2020
End DateSep 30, 2022
Funding AgencyUTM
Grant NameUTM R&D Fund
Project Code from Awarding Agency (For internal use only; will not be published online)PY/2020/04059
Contact Email(s)
Contact Phone(s)0326154689
Nationality Requirements on Candidate(s)Applicants must be Malaysian citizens
DescriptionThis project is a combination of big data, machine learning, and a modelling. The expected outcome is to obtain predictive modeling which can predict the COVID spread. By obtaining such a model, few control measures, and how to overcome it can be done.
Any interested applicants MUST BE very firm in pursuing their master/PhD. The given topic will also be the students’ dissertation or thesis topic.
Requirements and desirable skills:
At least CGPA > 3.0 of BSc/BEng degree or Msc/MEng degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, or any related discipline are welcome to apply.
Candidates with strong programming skills and with quantitative methods research skills and expertise would be at an advantage.
Good written and verbal communication in English is a must.
Pursue Master of Philosophy – Allowance will be given for 2 years (subject to the start date of the study)
Pursue Doctor of Philosophy – Allowance will be given for 2 years by the same amount as the Master student (subject to the start date of the study).
Study in UTMKL which is near to the Kuala Lumpur, city centre will give you some different perspective of student’s lifestyle.