PhD Vacancy at University of Southampton Malaysia on Inkjet-printed graphene-silver nanocomposite for sustainable additive manufacturing

Project title: Inkjet-printed graphene-silver nanocomposite for sustainable additive manufacturing

Funding agency: MOHE (Ministry of Higher Education)

Contact: Dr Suan Hui Pu (

Nationality requirement: Open to Malaysian and non-Malaysian applicants

Full PhD studentship available for qualified candidates

Project details:

As an electronic material, graphene possesses many strengths, including high electrical and thermal conductivity. The electronic properties of graphene can be enhanced for printed-electronics applications by using graphene-silver composite inks. However, more work is required to gain insight on how the electrical resistivity of a graphene-silver is affected by mechanical strain, moisture and heat treatment. In this work, the resistivity variation in printed graphene-silver composites will be studied for a range of graphene/silver weight percentages, when exposed to bending, moisture and post-deposition heat treatment. A combined approach of electrical characterisation using inkjet printed test devices (film resistors) and materials characterisation using FESEM, TEM and Raman spectroscopy will be adopted. From the correlated results of the electrical and material characterisation, resistivity models of graphene-silver can be developed in relation to the application of strain, moisture and heat treatment. The output from this project will enable the use of printed graphene-silver in health and environmental sensors, in conductive signal lines and also for electrical shielding. The knowledge will also enable the predictive modelling of device lifetimes under normal operation of flexible electronics. The electronics manufacturing industry is a critical economic engine of Malaysia (export earnings exceeded RM370 billion in 2019, according to MIDA). This work will enhance our capabilities in the digital manufacturing of hybrid electronics such as flexible sensors. We invite candidates with a strong background in engineering (any discipline) or applied sciences to apply.