MSc vacancy for “Investigation of Optimized Multilevel Inverter Topology for Low Voltage Microgrid”

University / InstituteUniversity of Southampton Malaysia
Funding AgencyMinistry of Higher Education (MOHE)
Contact Person / Phone(s)Sze Sing Lee / +6016-8910517
Nationality Requirements on Candidate(s)Applicants must be Malaysian citizens
DescriptionMSc vacancy for “Investigation of Optimized Multilevel Inverter Topology for Low Voltage Microgrid”
The MSc Project:
Multilevel inverters (MLIs) were introduced more than 30 years ago to produce high-voltage by adding multiple low voltage levels. They portray advantages of low voltage harmonics and are highly efficient. In recent years, MLIs have emerged as an enabling technology for microgrid system with renewable energy integration. Voltage blocking of semiconductor devices is not a constraint in this low voltage application due to the availability of commercial MOSFETs/IGBTs with voltage rating of 1.2kV or higher. Therefore, current research is focusing on improving compactness and system efficiency as well as reducing cost. This project aims to establish an improved multilevel inverter system using the Silicon-Carbide (SiC) power MOSFETs. It involves theoretical analysis and simulation study followed by implementation of an experimental prototype for validation.
MSc Candidature:
Full-time MSc degree at University Technology Malaysia (UTM). Jointly supervised by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nik Rumzi (UTM) and Dr. Sze Sing Lee (University of Southampton Malaysia).
Candidate Requirements:
1) Malaysian.
2) Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering (CGPA: 3.0 or higher).
3) Have a strong background in power electronics and controls. Ability to conduct experimental work related to power electronics is highly desirable.
4) Hardworking and self-motivated.
Financial assistance is available.
How to Apply:
Kindly send your recent CV to (Dr. Sze Sing Lee).