MSc Scholarship @ Centre of Printable Electronic, UM

University / Institute : Universiti Malaya
Research Center/Lab : Centre of Printable Electronics
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Project Title : Integrated low-cost multi-sensor smart wearable device for healthcare monitoring
Start Date : 1 Oct 2021
End Date : 1 Oct 2023
Funding Agency : CREST
Contact Email(s) :
Contact Phone(s)  : +60 12-844 3514
Nationality Requirements on Candidate(s)  : Applicants must be Malaysian citizens
Description :
Research on modern sensing devices necessitates interdisciplinary expertise in electrode sensing design structures and readout circuits. Power autonomy is among the challenging specifications of the new generation of sensors. Supplying power from alternative energy sources in the sensing environment is as important as lowering the power consumption in conditioning circuits. The focus of our research is on the design of flexible sensor electrodes and devices for energy-autonomous biosensor applications such as pacemakers and in-vivo health monitoring implants. In this project, we will pursue new techniques in Micro-Electromechanical

Systems (MEMS) for the sensor design as well as low power, high-efficiency conditioning CMOS circuits. In our research group, we investigate innovative approaches to integrate the sensing and energy harvesting circuits and transducers on the same platform. We target MEMS for the device part and CMOS technologies for the circuit part. Microfabrication technologies are accessible through a fabless approach, wherein we design circuits and devices using CAD tools and send the designs to external foundries for fabrication.