Mobile Application Developmet Hands-On Workshop : Introduction to Google AppInventor | 7-8 July 2012

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“Introduction to Google AppInventor”

Organized by IEEE Malaysia Computer Chapter
Date: 7 – 8 July 2012 Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm Fee: RM350.00
Venue: Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences, UiTM Shah Alam, Selangor

Imagine a world where creating apps doesn’t require years of programming experience, where artists, scientists, humanitarians, health-care workers, attorneys, firefighters, marathon runners, football coaches, and people from all walks of life can create apps. Imagine a world where you can transform ideas into prototypes without hiring programmers, where you can make apps that work specifically for you, where you can adapt mobile computing to fit your personal needs.This is the world of App Inventor, Google’s new visual programming tool for building mobile apps. Based on a visual “blocks” programming method that’s proven successful even with kids, App Inventor dramatically lowers the barriers to creating apps for Android phones and devices.

Course Outline
Introduction to Google AppInventor
o The AppInventor Environment
o Designing the Components
o Adding Behaviors to the Components
o Understanding an App’s Architecture
o Packaging the App for Downloading
o Sharing the App
o Engineering and Debugging an App
Programming Your App’s Memory
o Named Memory Slots
o Properties
o Defining Variables
o Setting and Getting a Variable
o Setting a Variable to an Expression
Programming Your App to Make Decissions: Conditional Blocks
o Testing Conditions with if and ifelse Blocks
o Programming an Either/Or Decission
o Programming Conditions Within Conditions
Programming Lists of Data
o Creating a List Variable
o Selecting an Item in a List
o Using an Index to Traverse a List
Repeating Blocks: Iteration
o Controlling an App’s Execution: Branching and Looping
o Repeating Functions on a List Using foreach
o Repeating Blocks with while
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