Master-by-Research Studentship at UTM

I’m now looking for candidates for a two-year (2015-2016) full-time Master-by-Research studentship.
The research project aims to address an interesting and challenging problem of identifying the connectivity or interactions between a large numbers of brain regions, based on neurological signals e.g. fMRI and EEG, using advanced statistical and mathematical techniques. The recent surge of research interests worldwide in brain connectivity analysis sees many potential applications, e.g. providing better understanding of neurological and psychiatric disorders, as well as the brain processes. This work extends our recent work on using factor modelling for high-dimensional brain connectivity estimation. Our approach is to use results from random matrix theories to improve the factor analysis and hence a more reliable estimates of the brain connections.
The project is part of completing a Fundamental Research Grant Scheme Project (FRGS) newly approved by the Ministry of Education (MOHE), entitled “Improved Estimation of High-dimensional Covariance Matrices using Factor Modeling and Random Matrix Theory for Multivariate Analysis of Biomedical Time Series” Therefore, the problem, the idea and the possible methods have been well-identified. The project will deal with the state-of-the-art problems in neuro-imaging and can lay strong foundation for your future PhD study.
You will be jointly supervised by me as main supervisor and Prof. Sheikh Hussain Shaikh Salleh as co., and advised by my colleague Dr Abd-krim Seghouane from the Univ. of Melbourne. I’ll work closely with you to complete the project. You will be funded under this project with a amount of RM48,000, a maximum salary of RM 1,800 per month for two years, with extra allowances to support your thesis writing.
Allocation for regional conference travelling is also provided. You will be based at the Center for Biomedical Engineering (CBE), UTM Johor, where you will be provided the necessary datasets and facilities to complete the project.
Application deadline: 1 January 2015.
Please let me know if you are interested. Feel free to contact me directly and we can discuss in details on how this research plan works the best for you.
Chee-Ming Ting, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer
Center for Biomedical Engineering
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
81310 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia
Tel: 016-5581446