Invitation to join IEEE Malaysia Section Blockchain Group

Blockchain technology has received increased interests in recent years, from both the scientific community and the industry. Due to tremendous potential, this technology is now actively being explored and implemented in almost all industry verticals. According to a survey by World Economic forum, blockchain is anticipated to account for 10% of GDP in less than 10 years. In 2017, $8B was invested in blockchain start-ups and over $3B in revenue from the blockchain enterprise sector.
IEEE Malaysia Section, in collaboration with IEEE Blockchain Initiative (BCI) is excited working towards formation of IEEE Malaysia Section Blockchain Group. The key objective of the group is to provide a forum for professional networking, learning and growth for IEEE Malaysia members interested in the rapidly emerging blockchain field.
The group will focus on following key activities:
 Organize technical meetings with invited speakers from academia and industry.
 Establish speaker bureaus of local experts.
 Engage local companies with the standards committee and organize workshops and explore sponsorship opportunities.
 Engage start-ups through hackathons, pitch sessions and the IEEE Entrepreneurship program.
We encourage our IEEE Malaysia Section community to share your interest to join the group with below founding members:
 Dr. Haroon Rashid
 Associate Professor Dr. Fawnizu Azmadi Hussin
 Ir. Azah Syafiah Mohd Marzuki
 Prof. Dr. Varun Jeoti
The membership is absolutely FREE, please fill up the form by clicking on the provided link: