Industry Relations – Engage and Stay Relevant

Industry is a key partner of IEEE and their support is essential in achieving goals in any IEEE OU ( Council / Section / Sub-Section ). Industry expects that IEEE supports in creating a pipeline of quality engineers, provide technical expertise to employees, support in achieving its shareholder value and increase public goodwill through community and social engagements. IEEE can benefit from engaging Industry through getting access to technical resources, projects of commercial relevance, recruiting and retaining members and importantly tap in to leadership talent to drive IEEE volunteering.
As IEEE leaders we need to recognise the need to engage Industry in every OU to create member benefits and at the same time create activities to stay relevant to achieving the expectations from Industry.
Hence the vision for R10 Industry relations : ?Engage and Stay relevant?
Region 10 – Industry relations wants every OU to embrace this vision and participate in the three projects to create value.
Project 1: Two Industry members in every Execom
Task: Every OU Execom has to have two members from industry in the team. Industry relations (IR) chair from every OU has to be nominated and reported by deadline provided. The goal is to create industry perspectives in all activities
Quarterly calls planned : June 2014, Sep 2014 and Dec 2014 with IR chair
Deadline for submission : 30-April-2014
Project 2: Celebrating through Industry Day during October 2014 ( 8 grants of $200 )
Task: Providing a platform for IEEE OU?s to engage with Industry. The Industry day will be half/full day event at section/sub-section level which is organised with local companies. The format recommended is to have Talks on latest technology being commercialised, career opportunities in technology, value addition through IEEE and panel discussions on relevant local topics.
Financial support: R10 support for 8 small sections / sub sections for conducting this event up to 50% of the actual cost or $ 200 which ever is lower. Large sections are expected to drive and fund this activity through industry sponsorships.
Link for submission of proposal : 
Deadline for submission : 15 May 2014
Implementation deadline : 30 Oct 2014
Project 3 : Innovative Industry Engagements ( 5 grants of $200 )
Task: Creating new innovative initiatives for engaging industry and making IEEE relevant. There are various ways by which the local industry can be engaged. This project is to encourage innovative projects that will make IEEE relevant to local industry. The activity could be related to education , skill development, career development or any activity that makes IEEE relevant.
Financial support: R10 support for 5 Innovative projects up to 50% of the actual cost or $ 200 which ever is lower.
Deadline for submission : 15 May 2014
Implementation deadline : 15 Dec 2014
For any questions or clarifications : Please contact Industry relations co-ordinator Ravikiran at