IEEE-R10 Young Engineers' Humanitarian Challenge – Call for proposals and volunteers

The All IEEE-R10 Young Engineers’ Humanitarian Challenge (AIyeHum) is a project-contest to encourage young scientists and engineers to solve real-world challenges applying science and technology. The contest aims at orienting young minds towards identifying community problems and developing technology solutions to address them, focusing on actual implementation reaching the beneficiaries.
The teams will be awarded fund grants to support their implementation. Suitable mentors from industry and academia will be invited to guide the teams, depending on the requirements and availability. In addition, webinars will be held to assist the teams on important topics such as Service Learning, Project Management and Planning.
After 4 successful years in India, this program is now being organized to reach participants from all the Asia-Pacific (IEEE Region 10) countries. Bangalore Section is sponsoring AIyeHum 2013.
AIyeHum 2013 is inviting:

  1. Project proposal submissions – Deadline: 20h May 2013
  2. Volunteers (Jury, Mentors and Organizers) and Sponsors – Deadline: 10th May 2013
  3. Logos, Videos and Posters

Project proposal submission
Project proposals are invited for submission. The projects should benefit an underserved population or solve a community problem, applying science and technology. A strong practical implementation of the projects, actually reaching the target beneficiaries is expected. From 2013, myReviewroomportal will be used for proposal submission, review and mentor assignment.


  • Open to professionals and students from any science or engineering fields, below age 35.
  • Participants need not be members of IEEE to apply and submit proposals.


  • 20th May 2013


Invitation for Volunteers (Jury, Mentors and Organizers) and Sponsors 
AIyeHum is driven by 3 sets of volunteers – Jury, Mentors, and Organizers. Since this is a R10 wide activity, we invite volunteers from diverse geographic locations and professions. Please express your interest by submitting a questionnaire on the website, and we will get back to you.

IEEE Members at senior levels in Industry and Academia, generally above 35 years of age, are invited to contribute as Jury. The jury members are expected to dedicate a considerable amount of time, reading the proposals and reports, analyzing the approach, and providing feedback to the participants. The charter for the Jury panel would be:

  1. Initial Short listing: Review around 200 project proposals and rate them according to predefined criteria, to short list around 20 projects to be funded.
  2. Final screening: Review the final implementation reports from around 20 teams and rate them. Provide detailed feedback to the participants.

IEEE Members at senior levels in Industry and Academia, generally above 35 years of age, are invited to contribute as Mentors. The Mentors are expected to dedicate a considerable amount of time understanding the projects, analyzing the implementation and providing technical expertise and guidance. In addition, Mentors are expected to have an open line of frequent communication with the participants via email or telephone. In some cases of geographical proximity, Mentors may be expected to meet the participants for discussions.
IEEE Members of any age are invited to contribute towards AIyeHum under various sectors. The primary focus of the organizers will be to facilitate the coordination between the participants, Mentors, and Jury and to promote wider participation. The organizing volunteers should express their interest in the following areas:

  1. Promotion and awareness using digital and social media
  2. Communication and coordination
  3. Editorial – analyzing and compiling success stories, testimonials, feedbacks, reports

Financial sponsorship from commercial organizations, NGOs and IEEE OUs is welcome. The benefits of sponsorship will be co-branding and outreach to the student and young professional community. Interested parties can write to
AIyeHum has 2 levels of sponsorship opportunities – Platinum and Gold. For more details on the sponsorship benefits, please visit –

  • 10th May 2013


Logos, Videos and Posters
Creative and inspiring multimedia that motivates to engage in Humanitarian Activities is solicited. Your creative contributions can be in the form of contest logos, videos, or posters. Besides winning admiration from all our website visitors, your entries will be awarded with cool IEEE goodies. For more details visit
Organizer: IEEE Bangalore Section
Supported by: R10 Humanitarian Technology Activities CommitteeR10 Student Activities CommitteeR10 GOLD, and R10 WIE.
Ramakrishna Kappagantu,
Chair, All IEEE-R10 Young Engineers’ Humanitarian Challenge (AIyeHum) 2013
Director Elect, IEEE Region 10, 2013-14