IEEE Biometric School Malaysia (Course, Short Talk and Demo) | 6 – 9 January 2014

Biometric School Winter Edition is launching an event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 6-9 January 2014. This event is sponsored by IEEE, IEEE Biometrics Council and IAPR.
The School provides a forum discussion to discuss the latest biometrics techniques in order to address some of the challenges in deploying the most commonly used biometric technologies (face, fingerprint, and iris recognition) in security and forensics applications, as well as in multimodal biometrics and biometric cryptosystems. In addition, some fundamental Machine Learning concepts will also be covered. This intensive four-day programme will cater for the diverse background of the following targeted participants: engineers graduate and post-graduate students, academicians, entrepreneurs, project managers, and government officers who need to understand the strengths and limitations of biometrics, as well as new-comers to the field.
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