Uninterruptable Power Supply: 5 Key Criteria to Select Best Value UPS System for 4th Generation Mission Critical Facilities

Event Description

It is our pleasure to be inviting you to our upcoming technical webinar titled “Uninterruptable Power Supply: 5 Key Criteria to Select Best Value UPS System for 4th Generation Mission Critical Facilities” detailed as follows:

Speaker:  Ir. Lawrence Lai
Date  : 25 June  2021 (Saturday)
Time  : 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM (Malaysia time)
Platform: Zoom


In a world that seems to be growing more technologically savvy every day, we must be prepared for anything, from phishing scams to ransomware attacks. But, what if the threat to your business and data isn’t from technological warfare? What if something incredibly simple as power interruptions could cause your business to lose data and money?

He will share the interesting knowledge on the technology and operation of the UPS system

  • Understanding of the current power quality issues in the engineering/IT & manufacturing industries
  • Working principle of UPS (delivery of reliable power both in the event of a surge and a complete outage)
  • How a UPS can protect your assets
  • How a UPS can extend equipment lifespans
  • How a UPS helps reduce maintenance & operation costs

This talk is a straightforward program tailored specially for all students, facility managers, engineers, and electrical consultants who wish to achieve and acquire:

  • Peace of mind on the stable power supply 365 days to critical production facilities
  • High-availably uptime for Lab and testing processes
  • Avoid costly scrap of materials (semicond) due to power interruption during the critical process
  • Protect the sensitive electronic control cards, especially the older hard-to-find parts, from damage due to power surge
  • Fast resolution time with modular UPS in the IT server rooms and network racks.


Ir. Lawrence Lai is currently holding the position of Managing Director of Covis Sdn Bhd, an Energy Management and Electrical Power Quality company that specializes in Mission Critical Facilities equipment support systems. For the last 23 years, Lawrence mainly specializes in various areas including power systems for Industrial Revolution 4.0, control equipment, and computer equipment. Lawrence’s main strength focuses on power quality, sag protection, voltage regulation, UPS, surge protection, and data center infrastructure design and construction.

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