R10 Talk : Professional Ethics and Getting Ahead

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IEEE R10 Webinar Series – “IEEE R10TALK” is pleased to invite you for the session on Professional Ethics and Getting Ahead” by Terence TanProgram Coordinator for Computing programmes at Curtin University, Malaysia on 26th June 2021  from 11 AM – 12.30 PM IST.

IEEE R10TALK is a joint endeavor of IEEE R10 Industry Relations Committee, R10 Professional Activities Committee, R10 Young Professionals Committee, R10 Women in Engineering Committee and R10 Student Activities Committee focusing on enhancing the awareness of trending topics to the community.


Topic: “Professional Ethics and Getting Ahead”

Guest Speaker: Terence Tan, Program Coordinator for Computing programmes at Curtin University Malaysia.

Date: Saturday, 26th June 2021

Time: 11.00AM to 12.30 PM Indian Standard Time

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Abstract -“Professional Ethics and Getting Ahead”

It is said that good guys finish last. Or that the only way to go up is to compromise our ethical values. Although such statements are popular, and they are popular because it justifies the worst sort of behaviour, it is not true. In this seminar, we will learn from evidence on ethical successes and strategies to maintain ethical behaviour in a sometimes unethical world, in particular in the engineering field.


Speaker Bio

Terence Tan is the Program Coordinator for Computing programmes at Curtin University Malaysia. He has MEng in Computing from Imperial College London and MSc in Business Economics from City University London, he analyses situations from both a technical and management perspective. This has helped him gain Curtin’s Excellence in Teaching Award for the early career category. He teaches ethics and professionalism for engineers and computer-related fields. He co-developed the game used in the “Teaching Engineering Ethics using BLOCKS Game” research paper. Thus, his knowledge and experience is valuable to engineers from early career and beyond with respect to ethics and professionalism.

Flyer link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AJSPjra3LBb9I52bTqtK_LjyCYz36AoH/view?usp=sharing

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