Industry visit to HUAWEI Customer Solutions and Innovations Centre (CSIC)

Event Description

EEE Malaysia ComSoc/VTS Joint Chapter would like to extend an invitation to all ComSoc/VTS Members for our Industry visit to HUAWEI Customer Solutions and Innovations Centre (CSIC) located at Integra Tower KL on 24th Aug 2022.
A bit of info about HUAWEI CSIC, it’s the place for the state-of -the art technology and solutions of Huawei products and it was designed as an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Hub and Centre of Excellence. Among the business-to-business solutions available and showcased at the CSIC included Huawei’s 5G solutions around the world, including those for Smart Cities and autonomous vehicles as well as Huawei’s Smart Education system, including hybrid learning, which increases participation and engagement between students and teachers, and allows for some students attending class in-person while others join virtually.
Cloud Computing was another highlight – where Huawei is working with Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) on their Alpha Edge, the only Malaysian-owned Cloud and AI infrastructure and services to enterprises and government institutions that ensures data sovereignty. Also showcased were Agro-tech systems with Artificial Intelligence technology that could save time, monitor quality, as well as predict yield and output. This included the production of premium caviar in Malaysia using this technology. The CSIC also displayed network infrastructure devices which utilise latest technological advances in 5G and telecommunications as well as Huawei’s RuralStar, which overcomes the technical challenges of connecting remote areas, bringing connectivity to hard-to-reach communities.
During the visit, Huawei will prepare for their technical expert presentation, and you will have the opportunity to get more information about HUAWEI Technology Innovation. Participation is limited to 20 people only, so please grab your seat fast. Details of the visit will be shared with you after your registration with me. The dateline for registration is 7th Aug 2022. Please fill up the Google form or email to to register for the visit. Thank you

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