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Maths and physics may make up an engineering student, but do you know they also learn how to reach out to society?

UPM under Engineers and Society course, in collaboration with IEEE Malaysia ComVT and IKRAM Sepang, will present to you our computer and communications-related webinar for UPSR and PT3 students.

Please feel free to forward this info to your contacts. It is fun, interactive and most importantly FREE webinar for the UPSR and PT3 students to better understand STEM.

The webinar will be aired here on FB live every day at 11:00am next week:

Monday 1 June: Hologram and AMES Room
Tuesday 2 June: Let’s Code via Microbit
Wednesday 3 June: Control LED Light using Handclap with Arduino Circuit Board
Thursday 4 June: Have Fun at Home with CC (Computer and Communications)
Friday 5 June: Ever Wonder How Electromagnet Works?

Check out their too-cool-for-school posters here!



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