2022 IEEE R10 Life Members Photography Contest

Event Description

IEEE Region 10 Life Member Photography Collection contest


IEEE Region 10 (R10) encourages Life Members to remain active in IEEE activities.

The annual “IEEE Region 10 Life Members Photographic Collection Contest” is one avenue for encouragement and also allows recording of memorable moment(s) of Section history. Up to two entries are permitted per entrant.

Photographs may relate to either of the following category but must have been taken by the entrant Life Member:

Category 1 – Identified Section activities five or more years ago in which the entrant had a leading role (to be specified). The submitted photograph(s) must not be copyright protected or the Intellectual Property of a third party.

Category 2 – A historical or significant engineering tool or project by the entrant.



The IEEE Region 10 Life Member Photography Collection Contest aims to encourage active Life Members by offering them an opportunity to show their photography talent for storing on R10 LM webpage.


Based on the evaluation of the entries received, the R10 Life Member Photography Collection contest Award Committee will select one photograph from each category to be awarded each year. If no entries are found to be suitable in any year, no award will be given in that contest year.


  1. Any IEEE Life Member in R10 can submit up to two photographs. If more than two entries are received, only the first two submissions listed will be deemed eligible.
  2. Images for the competition must be in JPEG format and file size should not be more than 3MB. Photographs can be black & white or colour.
  3. Each submission must include the entrant’s full name, title, IEEE membership number and grade, email address and IEEE Section name on the entry form for the collection.
  4. Each submitted image file must include an image title (no more than 20 characters) and a brief description of the photograph (no more than 200 characters). This information can be recorded with each file name on the Entry form.
  5. Hard copy photographs will not be accepted. Submissions need to be received in the correct orientation to display correctly in the online gallery/webpage.
  6. It is the entrant’s responsibility to make sure that none of the submitted photographs are Copyright protected or Intellectual Property of a third party. In the case of any Copyright or Intellectual Property rights violation, the entrant will be responsible for any damages claimed by the owner.
  7. An individual cannot receive two photography awards within three years.
  8. Each entrant must agree to allow publication of any or all entries in an IEEE R10 publication, websites and /or social media pages. Should the submitted images be used in any future R10 publications, the name of the person submitting it will be acknowledged in the publication.

Nomination Conditions

  1. The entrant must be a Life Member (M, SM or F grade) and should be residing in the geographical boundaries of IEEE Region 10.
  2. The completed entry form should be endorsed by the local LMAG Chair or Section Chair in order to be eligible.

Judging Process

  1. All entries will be judged by a judging panel comprising of a majority of R10 ExCom members (including Past & Current R10 Directors and Director Elect) and LM Committee members.
  2. One best photograph will be selected in each category by the judging panel.
  3. The decision of the judging panel is final and cannot be challenged.


  • Call for Nominations: 25th April 2022
  • Nomination Closes on: 10th June 2022
  • Evaluation Period: 16th June to 15th July 2022
  • Recipient Notified: 31st July 2022

Award Instrument

One prize in each Category will be given – Certificate + Cash prize of US $ 200


Section may arrange to present the certificate to the winner (s) at an appropriate local Section event/ occasion.

If the winner(s) wish to receive the certificate at R10 event on self-funding basis, it is possible to present the award directly to them, subject to R10’s approval.

Record/ Notification

The IEEE R 10 Life Member Committee Chair will notify the result to All R 10 Council & Section Chairs, Secretaries of Councils & Sections and also maintain a record of all entries received for collection of photographs on the R10 LM Website.

Chair will also notify the result of selection by email to individual submitting best photograph in each category as Award Recipient.

Submit all details & photographs in Entry form (single sheet) to:

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