Congratulations: Result 2020 IEEE R10 EA New Innovative Challenge


Dear IEEE members and volunteers,
I would like to congratulate the following teams for successfully securing the 2020 IEEE R10 EA New Innovative Challenge. Congratulations and all the best in the project execution.
1. University of Malaya Student Branch with DEIS Malaysia chapter and PES Malaysia chapter — Winner of University Category with their project, “Smart Hybrid Solar Energy Harvesting and Storage System Design Challenge”. (USD500)

2. Power Energy Society Malaysia Chapter with CIRED Malaysia — Runner-up of the University Category with their project “Electrical Power System Simulation Competition 2020 (EPSSCom)”. (USD300)

And the following five winners of “Commendation Support” (USD150) for their projects:
3. IEEE Sabah Subsection – UMS SB (Pre-University Program)
4. IEEE EDS Malaysia (Pre-University Program)
5. IEEE CNAG – YP Malaysia (University Program)
6. IEEE CS Malaysia (Pre-University Program)
7. IEEE YP – CNAG – PES Malaysia (University Program)

Special thanks to Dr Mohd Hafiz Ismail, EA coordinator for Malaysia section.



Fawnizu Azmadi Hussin, PhDChair, IEEE Malaysia Section |