Call for proposals for 2013 R10 Fund for Technical Seminars and Distinguished Lecture Programs

IEEE Region 10 (R10) is encouraging to carry out technical activities in R10 sections. For this year, R10 has prepared funding for technical seminars and distinguished lecture
programs to be held in R10 Sections.
Following are the basic features and requirements of the fund:

  1. Technical seminar is an event which consists of technical talks and its total duration is more than 3 hours.
  2. Distinguished lecture program is the same as the technical seminar except that at least one of the speakers is IEEE Fellow.
  3. Region 10 will provide 50% of reasonable cost for each event with maximum of USD 300 (in the case of technical seminar) and USD 600 (in the case of distinguished lecture program). It is expected that rest of the cost for the event be borne by the respective section including other sources.
  4. Total 2013 budget for the R10 fund is USD 5,500.
  5. The 2013 fund is for the events held from Jan. 2013 to Dec. 2013.
  6. The event is to be reported in the earliest possible issue of R10 Newsletter after the event.
  7. The following documents are to be submitted to R10 within one month after the event:
    a) Report of the event
    b) Financial Report of the event
    c) A proposed R10 Newsletter article about the event
    R10 will reimburse the fund after the above documents have been received and reviewed by R10.
  8. The attached proposal form which should include the followings must be completed and endorsed by the Section Chair: 
  • Proposer Information 
  • Type of the Event (Technical Seminar or Distinguish Lecture Program) 
  • Name of the Event: 
  • Date of the Event: 
  • Venue of the Event: 
  • Proposed Program of the Event: 
  •  Number of Participants (IEEE Member and Non-IEEE Member) expected: 
  • Budget Plan: 
  • Endorsement of Section Chair:

Please send proposals to with cc to . Please make sure that an acknowledgement is received within 3 days after sending the proposal, or it should be assumed that the submission is not received.
Please forward your proposal to the IEEE Malaysia section to be consider.
Norliza Mohd Noor
IEEE Malaysia Section
CFP for 2013 R10 CTS Fund for TS and DLP
Proposal Form for 2013 R10 CTS Fund for TS and DLP