Call for Proposal for 2013 R10 Section, Subsection and Chapter Support Fund

IEEE R10 Section, Subsection and Chapter Committee

Call for Proposals for 2013 R10 Section, Subsection and Chapter Support Fund

 IEEE R10 Section, Subsection and Chapter Committee invites you to submit proposals to bid for 2013 Section, Subsection and Chapter support fund for section of chapter leadership and social activities.

  1. Promote more activities in sections and chapters with financial support from region.
  2. Strengthen the operation of sections and chapters operations and activities.
  3. Provide more activities for the community in order to make IEEE more visible.
  4. Ensure the quality of operation and leadership ability sections and chapters.

Proposed leadership and social activity may be categorized in any of the following; 
1.    Leadership Seminar/Training/Workshop
Sections and chapters may invite distinguished resource persons to give seminar, training or workshop that will enhance the leadership and management abilities of its members. 
2.    Family Day
Members of different sections and chapters are encouraged to meet for social gatherings. They may also include their spouses, children and family members in order to extend the IEEE community in the home of its members.
3.    Sports Competition
Sections and chapters members may organize a special event for sports activities like basketball competition, fun run, bowling competition, badminton tournament, etc. 
4.    Community Involvement Activity
Sections and chapters may organize an activity for community involvement such as tutorials for children, field trips in underdeveloped communities, research application for underdeveloped communities, and help directly the calamity stricken areas.
R10 Section, Subsection and Chapter Committee will provide support fund to carry out the activity in partnership with respective sections, subsections and chapters which aims to promote and strengthen them through leadership and social activities for its members and the community.

  • The R10 fund (SSBR) is targeted at activities from September. 2013 to Dec. 2013.
  • The proposal forms must be completed by proposer and endorsed by the Section Chair.
  • In the proposal form, the proposer information, the proposal information, the budget plan and the requested budget ($300 to $700) should be specified. The proposal should be also duly endorsed by the Section Chair. (Signature of the Chair)
  • R10 Section, Subsection and Chapter Committee provide part of the cost of the activity ($300 to $700) in each case. Part of the cost of the activity must be borne by the respective section or any other sources.
  • Proposal must be submitted to the IEEE R10 Section, Subsection and Chapter Committee Chair no later than the end of June in electronic means. Please make sure that an acknowledgement is received after sending the proposal within 7 working days, or it should be assumed that the submission is not received.
  • After the end of program, proposer has to submit the result report according to the general guideline for the R10 Newsletter and the final financial report for the activity. The report should be sent within 2 weeks after the activity.
  • The result report would be published in the R10 Newsletter.
  • After confirming the result report and the financial report, R10 Section, Subsection and Chapter Committee will start the fund transfer process. 

$300 to $700
Call for Proposals – Early April
Proposal Deadline – June 25, 2013
IEEE R10 Sections and Chapters Chair
Prof. Elmer P. Dadios
De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines
Email: or
Ewell Tan (Ms.)
Project / Admin Executive
IEEE Asia Pacific Limited/
Communications Society Office
No. 1, Fusionopolis Walk,
#04-07, South Tower, Solaris
Singapore 138628
Tel: (65) 6778 2873
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