Call for Proposal Competition: IEEE Malaysia Section Women in Engineering – “Women Technopreneur: Motivation and Challenges”

Call for Proposal Competition: IEEE Malaysia Section Women in Engineering – “Women Technopreneur: Motivation and Challenges”

Program Overview:

IEEE Malaysia Section Women in Engineering is thrilled to announce the “Women Technopreneur: Motivation and Challenges” competition. This program aims to empower and celebrate the innovative potential of women technopreneurs in STEM. We invite women undergraduates and graduates, as well as passionate Malaysians with a strong desire to start businesses in STEM, to participate in this competition. Our goal is to provide a platform to address the unique challenges faced by women technopreneurs and support their entrepreneurial journey in STEM fields.

  1. Competition Evaluation Criteria:
  1. Creativity and Innovation: Proposals will be assessed based on the level of creativity and innovation showcased in the business plan. We are looking for ideas that break new ground and provide distinctive solutions to STEM challenges.
  2. Promotion of Gender Diversity: The proposal should demonstrate a strong commitment to advancing gender diversity in STEM entrepreneurship. We seek proposals that have the potential to inspire and empower more women to pursue careers in STEM-related businesses.
  3. Feasibility and Viability: Submissions should present a well-structured and realistic business plan. Judges will evaluate the feasibility of the proposed venture, including market analysis, financial sustainability, and a clear roadmap for implementation.
  4. Clarity and Presentation: Entries should be well-organized, clearly articulated, and concise. Favorable consideration will be given to proposals that are well-documented, include realistic timelines, and provide financial projections.
  1. Participation Requirements:
  1. Participants are female and hold IEEE and IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) memberships.
  2. A registration fee is required, and proof of payment is mandatory:
    • Individual Registration: RM50
    • Group Registration (up to 3 members per group): RM100
    • Payment should be made to IEEE WIE MY bank account:
      • Account Number: 105140007143
      • Account Name: IEEE (Malaysia Section)
      • Bank Name: Affin Islamic Bank Berhad
  1. Awards and Incentives:

To inspire and reward participants in the “Women Technopreneur: Motivation and Challenges” competition, we offer various awards and incentives:

Top Award: RM500

  • Award certificate
  • Funding to kickstart the victorious venture.
  • To give talk on technoprenuer and sharing session to IEEE Malaysia Section WIE affinity group.
  • Access to mentorship from seasoned experts in the IEEE community, industry and academia.
  • Acknowledgment and prominence within the IEEE Malaysia Section Women in Engineering network.

Runner-Up Prizes (5 winners @ RM100 each)

  • Award certificate
  • Access to mentorship and networking prospects.
  • To give talk on technoprenuer and sharing session to IEEE Malaysia section
  • Acknowledgment within the IEEE Malaysia section WIE community.

Entry certificate for all participants.


  1. Submission Details:
  • Call for proposals opens: September 29, 2023
  • Proposal Submission Deadline: October 20, 2023
  • Submission Requirements:
    1. Cover page with your name and team, contact information, and roles within the proposed business venture.
    2. Detailed business plan including a description of the STEM-related product or service, anticipated challenges, and a commitment statement to promote gender diversity in STEM entrepreneurship (see appendix A).
    3. Proof of IEEE and WIE membership registration.
    4. Proof of registration fee payment.
  • Submit your proposals via email to:

Contact Information: For inquiries and further information, please reach out to the Secretary of the WIE Technopreneur Competition at

Join us in empowering women technopreneurs in Malaysia and contributing to a more inclusive and innovative STEM entrepreneurial landscape. We eagerly await your proposals and are excited to support your journey toward entrepreneurial success.

Appendix A


One-Page Business Proposal Template:

Business Name: [Your propose Business Name]

Founder(s): [Your Name(s)]

Team members (maximum of 3 members)

Date: [Date]

Vision Statement: [Concise statement of your business’s long-term vision and impact.]

Mission Statement: [Concise statement of your business’s purpose and what it aims to achieve.]

Problem Statement: [Describe the specific problem or need in the STEM field that your business addresses.]

Solution: [Explain how your business proposes to solve the identified problem or meet the need.]

Unique Selling Proposition (USP): [Highlight what sets your business apart from competitors.]

Target Market: [Describe your target audience or customer base.]

Market Research: [Provide brief insights from your market research, highlighting market trends and potential demand.]

Revenue Model: [Explain how your business plans to generate revenue.]

Marketing and Sales Strategy: [Outline your approach to marketing and sales, including channels and strategies.]

Operational Plan: [Provide an overview of how your business will operate, including key processes and partnerships.]

Team: [List the key team members and their roles.]

Financial Projections: [Include a summary of your financial projections for the first few years.]

Funding Needs: [Specify the funding or investment needed to start and grow your business.]

Milestones and Goals: [List key milestones and goals for your business’s growth and development.]

Risks and Mitigations: [Identify potential risks and your strategies for mitigating them.]

Conclusion: [Summarize why your business proposal deserves support and investment.]


[Your Name, Founder Address,]