Call for Proposal – 2015 R10 Educational Activities – EA Support Fund

Region 10 Educational Activities
Call for Proposal – EA Support Fund 2015
Call for Proposal to Bid for R10 EA Support Fund 2015
R10 EA committee invites you to submit proposals to bid for educational activities support fund.
This year, the Education activities will be awarded for the following projects.

  • TISP (Teacher in Service Program) (up to USD 500 per project)
  • Educational Outreach (up to USD 500 per project)
  • Continuing Education/Professional Development (up to USD 500 per project)
  • Accreditation Seminar (up to USD 500 per project)

In the proposal, please specify:

  • Name of Chapter/Section:
  • Name of Section Chair / Section Educational Activities Chair
  • Name of Project leader / contact person:
  • Name of event and Type of the project to be submitted
  • Date of event/Location of the event:
  • Was the same event held over the past 3 years supported by EA fund?
  • Objective of the event:
  • Details of the event:
  • Benefits to members/community:
  • Number of participants: members/nonmembers
  • [Mandatory requirement] Proposed budget (Both expected support from R10 and expected support from Sections/other sources are needed for at least 50% of the total budget so the proposal will be considered)

Proposal is accepted in A4 PDF format only. Please specify if this is the new project or the project is the continuation of project awarded in the past years. The project must be implemented in 2015.
Proposal must be endorsed and submitted by Section Educational Activities Chair with a copy to Section Chair. In case the Section does not have Educational Activities Chair, R10 encourages you to set up this position. Nevertheless, Section chair can endorse and submit proposal if the Section does not have Educational Activities chair.
Deadline: April 20, 2015
Notification of Decision: June 15, 2015
Contact: Please send your proposal to the e-mail below:
Darrel Chong, Ph.D.