Call for Project Proposal for 2013 IEEE Region 10 Professional Activities

Professional Activities focuses on maintaining and enhancing lifelong employability and career maintenance, while providing advice to and collaborating with public bodies, corporations, NGOs and non-profits to benefit the members, their fields of practice, and the general public, and continuing to promote ethical conduct.

IEEE Region 10 is inviting project proposal(s) on Professional Activities in 2013 from Sections of Region 10 to further promote professional awareness and activities. Projects those can meet the objective of Professional Activities will only be considered. Region 10 will provide support fund to carry out the project for underserved community in partnership with respective sections.

IEEE Region 10 starts new this new pilot Professional Activities projects in 2013. The project aims to develop Professional Activities tailored to R10 specific needs and interests. The project can be in form of distinguish Lecture, themed salon, training, professional awareness promotion related to career planning, vocational guidance, experience sharing, and we also encourage you to hold innovative forms of activities. Projects with a survey and analysis part are welcomed.

Following are the salient features of R10 supported Professional Activities:

  • Region 10 will provide 50% of the cost of the project or a maximum of US$500 in each case. It is expected that 50% of the cost of the project be borne by the respective section or other sources.
  • The project can be a cooperating project with the Student Professional Awareness Activities (SPAA), or Individual Benefits and Services Committee (IB&SC), or Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD). If you are planning a joint project, please detail the cooperation.
  • Region 10 will provide support to 5 select projects.
  • Such projects are expected to be completed in 2013 (Report to be submitted by 15 Dec 2013).
  • The proposed budget should clearly mention the requirement of the fund from R10, support from the Section and from other sources (if any).
  • The proposal for the project should be submitted in the following format:
    • Name of Project:
    • Name of Section:
    • Name of Section Professional Activities Coordinator (if any):
    •  Name of the Project leader:
    • Membership ID of the Project leader:
    • Name of the project team members:
    • Email, phone, and Fax:
    • Proposer’s Current Responsibility
    • Type of the project:
    • Objective of the project:
    • How the project will serve the underserved:
    • Date of the Activity:
    • Background:
    • Objective:
    • Benefits to Members/Community
    • Budget plan:
      • Total fund required: (50% of project cost or US$500 whichever is less)
      • Fund from Section:
      • Fund from others (if any):
      • Expenses:
    • Project Schedule, including planning, implementing, and reporting, etc.: (the date should not be later than 15 December 2013)
    • Number of participants expected: (Members and non- members)
    • Endorsement by Section Chair: The project has got approval and support of section as detailed above. (Signature of the Chair)
    • Please send project proposals to Prof Dr Fatimah ( and cc to .
      Last date of receiving project proposals is 15th May 2013.
      Hui Zhang
      2013-14 IEEE Region 10
      Professional Activities and History Coordinator