Call for Participation: 2021 R10 HTA Highlights Video Contest

Call for Proposals : 2021 Region 10 HTA Highlights Video Contest

The IEEE Region 10 Humanitarian Technology Activities Committee recognizes the importance of humanitarian project design skills for new initiated and new technology adopter and developer and encourage R10 Sections to support and contribution in the Humanitarian Technology areas. This R10 HTA Highlights Video Contest offers all IEEE R10 members, especially the SIGHT members, an opportunity to exercise and improve both project design and visual presentation skills in a concise manner suitable for a wider audience and also to showcase the good quality of their designed projects in regional level.

The R10 HTA Highlights Video Contest aims to encourage SIGHT members to showcase the good quality of their designed projects in regional level and also to improve the SIGHT members’ project design and presentation skills to a wider online viewing community. The theme for our contest this year is for “Regional Representative Humanitarian Projects Showcase”. The top three listed videos will be uploaded on R10 HTA website for experience sharing and as examples to motivate IEEE members to conduct HT activities.

The videos for the contest must be related to the humanitarian technology area of projects conducted in R10 over the last three years or currently in progress.  Three best project videos will be selected and ranked first, second and third to qualify for the awards.


Open to all active IEEE Members, especially for SIGHT members.

·         The contest is open only to IEEE Members (including Student Members) in Region 10. The video may be on any humanitarian technology oriented projects/events related to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)in the field of interest of IEEE.

·         Participants in the contest can be:

o    Individual (must be an active IEEE member);

o    Team based. Number of team members is limited to 3. All correspondence will be through the team leader who must be an active IEEE member.

·         Submission can be associated with any previously approved IEEE HAC/R10 HTA supported project /event, or just the on-going project/event.

·         The video must be original and must not contain plagiarized material.

·         Maximum 8-minute video should be submitted associated with a correctly completed submission form. Any submission that is more than 8 minutes will be disqualified.


The video should be uploaded to a public website or social media platform, and the link to access the uploaded video should be provided. The video must not exceed eight minutes. There are no restrictions on how the information is presented and contestants have the freedom to be creative. But the video content shall focus on those humanitarian technologies projects/events conducted within Region 10 area and must demonstrate the significant humanitarian impacts. The video should also show briefly the necessary technical details, implement plan, sustainability as well as its financial analysis. A title page is required at the start of the video for the introduction of necessary individual/team information.

The Entry Form must be fully filled and submitted for each video. If a team submits the project then names of all team members with their consent to enter into the contest must be provided, by signing the declaration section of the Entry Form. Please download the Entry form

The video must NOT contain any offensive material or any copyrighted material.


The duly completed, endorsed and declared Entry Form should be submitted here:

Video should be uploaded before submission. Only public accessible links are accepted and the links to access the video must be provided in the Entry Form along with other entry details.
Video must not exceed 8 minutes. Guidelines are suggested for the Video duration could be found here :  Video title should be in English and the format should be in the form of “R10 HTA Highlights Video_individual name_Section name_Submission Video Title.” The video must NOT contain any offensive material or any copyrighted material.

The submission must be endorsed by Section/Subsection/Council/Chapter Chair or HTA Chair or SIGHT Chair, by signing the endorsement section of the Entry Form.

The submission should be declared by all the contributors of the project by signing the declaration section of the Entry Form.

Please note: If more than 3 submissions are received from any section/subsection/council/chapter, the respective section/subsection/council/chapter chair maybe invited for pre-reviewing and shortlist the top 3 submissions for further judging panel. 

Judging Panel

A panel of judges will assess the videos for the technical content, innovation, impacts, goal, practical implementation and overall presentation.
The judging panel will represent a cross section of various disciplines within the IEEE with good Humanitarian projects background. A member of the judging panel may not evaluate a project video from his/her own Section or educational institute. Judging panel members must declare any possible conflicts of interest when evaluating a video.
The decision by the judging panel, as accepted by the R10 Director, will be the final decision and no appeal against the decision will be entertained.

Assessment Criteria
Presentation (20%)

·         Title Page (Creativity and design)

·         Clarity and quality of video

·         Grammar, spelling, tone, use of voice and choice of words.

Subject Matter Evaluation (80%)

·         Objective description and community need identification

·         Project Design and technical presentations

·         Sustainability, financial analysis

·         Social return on investment

·         Regional Representative

Upto THREE WINNERS will be chosen for the final winner list. The winners will be awarded with E-certificate and be announced on the R10 HTA website.

In order to receive the awards, permission must be granted to the R10 HTA committee and local Sections to promote and share the winning videos. The winning video should remain on public access for at least one year from the date of the announcement of winners.


·         Contest open: 10th, April 2021

·         Submissions Deadline: 31 May 2021

·         Processing period: 1 Jun – 10 Jun 2021

·         Assessment period: 11 Jun – 10 July 2021

·         Winners Notification: 15 Jul 2021

Region 10 HTA committee will launch the contest by announcing it online and sending email notification to all Section Chairs. Possible competition training will be conduct by R10 HTA committee for all potential contestants via R10 HTA training sessions/webinars.

Information & Enquiries

·         Full information package about the contest will be made available through online media such as R10 HTA website.

·         Information about the contest will be published in the R10 newsletter if its publication date matches the contest schedule.

·         Point of Contacts for further information and enquires:

·         R10 Humanitarian Technology Committee Chair: (

·         Email Us:

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Ewell Tan (Ms.)
Project Manager
IEEE Asia-Pacific Limited