Call for Nominations for 2021 IEEE Malaysia Awards & Recognitions


Dear IEEE Malaysia Members and Volunteers,

On behalf of the Awards & Recognitions Committee, I am pleased to invite nominations for the following 16 awards from 3 categories of awards. For 2021, we have introduced 8 new awards on top of the 8 existing ones. The nomination deadline is 30th September 2021, except for Category 4, which is not yet open for nomination.
I invite you to nominate yourselves and/or your colleagues for these awards.
Latest details on eligibility, nomination criteria and submission procedures as well as templates for endorsement forms are available on section website at
1. Individual Volunteer Awards (Category 1)
1.1. IEEE Malaysia Outstanding Volunteer Award
1.2. IEEE Malaysia Outstanding WIE Volunteer Award
1.3. IEEE Malaysia Outstanding YP Volunteer Award
1.4. IEEE Malaysia Outstanding Student Volunteer Award
1.5. IEEE Malaysia Outstanding Industry Volunteer Award (New!)

2. Special Award (Category 2)
2.1. IEEE Malaysia Leadership Award (New!)

3. Special Activities Awards (Category 3)
3.1. IEEE Malaysia Humanitarian Technology Activities Award  (New!)
3.2. IEEE Malaysia Educational Activities Award  (New!)
3.3. IEEE Malaysia Professional Activities Award  (New!)
3.4. IEEE Malaysia Industry Activities Award  (New!)
3.5. IEEE Malaysia Activity Innovation Award (New!)

4. Organizational Unit Awards (Category 4) –not yet open for nomination
4.1. IEEE Malaysia Outstanding Large Chapter Award
4.2. IEEE Malaysia Outstanding Medium Chapter Award
4.3. IEEE Malaysia Outstanding Small Chapter Award
4.4. IEEE Malaysia Outstanding Student Branch Award
4.5. IEEE Malaysia Outstanding New Student Branch Award (New!)

Fawnizu Azmadi Hussin, PhD
IEEE Malaysia Awards & Recognitions Committee Chair