Dear respected members of the IEEE Malaysia Section,

As you are now aware now, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of theIEEE Malaysia Section will be held, God Willing, on 6th February, 2021. The new amended constitution stipulates that the election for a new executive committee (ExCom) shall be done every 2 years, and that means that there will be an election for a new set of ExCom at this coming AGM.

The Section Chair has established an Election Committee (EC) to manage the forthcoming election process. The members are; Borhanuddin Mohd Ali(Chair) , Fauziahanim Seman (Sec), other members – Norliza Mohd Noor,Zuhaina Zakaria, Haroon Rashid, and Mohd Faizal Ahmad Fauzi.
Henceforth, we are now inviting nominations for the following SectionExecutive Committee positions,1. Chair-Elect12. Honorary Secretary3. Honorary Treasurer4. Four (4) Ordinary Committee Members

Nomination and Election Process:

a. Nominations shall be made online through the following link:

b. A Proposer can nominate a candidate for any of the above positions,

c. One Seconder is needed to support the nomination,

d. The Nominees, upon consultation by the EC, shall endorse the respective nomination, on whether or not they agree to be nominated,

e. The EC shall invite the Nominees to submit his/her short CV pertaining to his /her IEEE and other voluntary work,

f. The Nominee shall also submit a position statement on what he/she proposes to do, if elected to the respective positions,

g. The EC shall short-list not more than 3 candidates for the positions of  Chair-Elect, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer, for election,

h. The number of candidates for the 4 ExCom posts, shall be left open,

i. Each candidate shall prepare a 1-minute video each as their respective election promotion.  The video shall be made available for members to view as part of the voting process before the AGM day.  No further time will be allocated for campaigning during the AGM,

j. All nominations shall be submitted no later than 23:59 15th January 2021,

k. The election shall be conducted as per the AGM agenda in a physical premise.  If the situation warrants (extended MCO), the meeting shall be conducted in a hybrid mode, i.e. mixed of physical and virtual meeting.  

l. Irrespective of the situations, members who intend to vote shall have to register to attend the AGM.

For any further questions, you can refer to me at

29 December 2020