GRA Vacancy on Plasma Ions Breaking Down Pesticides for Food Security Project at UKM

Project title: Plasma Ions Breaking Down Pesticides for Food Security

University : Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Research Lab : Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics

Funding agency: Research University Grant

Contact: Kim Shyong Siow ( )

Nationality requirement: Open to all nationalities

Project details:
Plasma technology can improve food security in the country by increasing food output when dissipating residual pesticides to ensure their safety. This multi-disciplinary UKM-funded project is about developing an atmospheric plasma setup to break down the pesticide and maintain the food sensory and nutritional value of chilli.

The project will use various physical-chemical analytical techniques to understand the different plasma ions present and their interaction with the pesticide and their effects on the chilli to be fit for consumption. MARDI scientists also lend their expertise to chilli pesticides used for this project. In addition to breaking down the pesticide, the plasma modifies the food physically, chemically, and morphologically with possible nutrient and sensory value changes.

A stipend will be provided to qualified post-graduate students selected for the duration of this project. Ideally, the candidate’s undergraduate degree is in Physics, Chemistry or other related science-engineering disciplines.