5th IEEE Final Year Project (FYP) Online Competition 2018

IEEE Malaysia Section invites all final year students to participate in 2018 IEEE Malaysia Final Year Project (FYP) Competition.
It is open to all undergraduate students who are currently undertaking their Final Year Project or has recently (in 2018) completed their studies. Students must be a student in any Malaysian Institution of Higher Learning (Government & Private).
Submission Deadline is on 15th August 2018. 
Participants only need to submit TWO items:

  1. POSTER summarizing your Final Year Project (Softcopy Only) AND
    2.     A one page ABSTRACT explaining your Final Year Project (Softcopy Only)

Prizes (for each track/subject area)

  • 1st Prize: RM300, a plaque and a merit certificate from IEEE Malaysia
  • 2nd Prize: RM200, a plaque and a meritcertificate from IEEE Malaysia
  • 3rd Prize: RM100, a plaque and a meritcertificate from IEEE Malaysia

Certificate of participation from IEEE Malaysia will be given to all participants
Tracks for submission
Students can submit their Final Year Project in one of the following tracks (only ONE track per submission).

Track 1: Telecommunication
Sponsor: IEEE Communications / Vehicular Technology (COMSOC/VT)

Track 2: Computational Intelligence
Sponsor: IEEE Computational Intelligence (CIS)

Track 3: Computer
Sponsor: IEEE Computer Society (CS)
Track 4: Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation
Sponsor: IEEE Dielectric and Electrical Insulation (DEIS)

Track 5: Electron Devices/Microwave Theory & Technique/Solid-State Circuits
Sponsor: IEEE Electron Device / Microwave Theory and Techniques / Solid-State Circuit (EDS/MTT/SSCS) Penang

Track 6: Electronics Packaging
Sponsor: IEEE Electronics Packaging Society (EPS)
Track 7: Biomedical & Rehabilitation Engineering
Sponsor: IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology (EMBS)

Track 8: Geoscience and Remote Sensing
Sponsor: IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing (GRS)
Track 9: Underwater Robotics and Underwater Sensor & Instrumentation System
Sponsor: IEEE Oceanic Engineering (OES)

Track 10: Robotics and Automation
Sponsor: IEEE Robotics & Automation Society (RAS)

Track 11: Signal and Image Processing and Analysis
Sponsor: IEEE Signal Processing (SP)
Track 12: Technology and Engineering Management
Sponsor: Technology & Engineering Management (TEMS)
Track 13: Power & Energy
Sponsor: Power and Energy (PES)
Rules and Regulations

  • Open to all undergraduate students who just completed or are currently doing their Final Year Project (FYP) in Year 2018.
  • Individual and group projects are accepted
  • The submitted Final Year Project project is the student’s own project work NOT other people’s work

Submission Deadline: 15th August 2018.
STEP 1: Fill in Registration Form

  • Fill in IEEE 2018 FYP Competition Registration Form here

STEP 2: Email your A1 size poster and abstract 

  • POSTER must be prepared by using this template and the prepared A1 poster must be saved in PDF format.
  •    Filename: IEEEFYP2018_poster_<track number>_your_full_name
  •    Example: IEEEFYP2018_poster_Track8_Ali_bin_Abu


  • ABSTRACT must be prepared using this template. It must NOT EXCEED 1 page and must be saved in PDF format.
  •     Filename: IEEEFYP2018_abstract_<track number>_your_full_name
  •     Example: IEEEFYP2018_abstract_Track8_Ali_bin_Abu

More information: 

Available on IEEE Malaysia SAC Website:

Please feel free to direct any enquiries to ieeeonlinefyp2018@gmail.com.

Best Regards,

Alpha Agape Gopalai
IEEE Malaysia Section Student Activity Chair 2018