2nd Call for Nominations for 2021 IEEE Malaysia Awards & Recognitions – Deadline: 30th September 2021

This is the second call for the nominations of 2021 IEEE Malaysia Individual and Group Awards as listed below. The nomination deadline is 30th September 2021. So far, we only received 2 nominations under category 1.4 and one nomination under category 3.1. The other 9 categories still have zero nomination. This means, the chances of winning any of the awards is high if you submit your nominations. Find out the details on how to submit nominations below. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Call for Nominations (PDF) and Endorsement Form Templates

For details of each award category and the nomination information, please refer to the following documents.

1. Call for Nominations (pdf)
2. Template for Category 1 Endorsement Form (Form A-1)
3. Template for Category 3 Endorsement Form (Form A-3)To submit nominations for 2021 awards, visit this link to go directly to the nomination forms: https://sites.google.com/view/ieeemalaysiasectionaward/

2021 Award Categories
1. Individual Volunteer Awards (Category 1)1.1. IEEE Malaysia Outstanding Volunteer Award
1.2. IEEE Malaysia Outstanding WIE Volunteer Award
1.3. IEEE Malaysia Outstanding YP Volunteer Award
1.4. IEEE Malaysia Outstanding Student Volunteer Award
1.5. IEEE Malaysia Outstanding Industry Volunteer Award (New!)

2. Special Award (Category 2)
2.1. IEEE Malaysia Leadership Award (New!)

3. Special Activities Awards (Category 3)
3.1. IEEE Malaysia Humanitarian Technology Activities Award  (New!)
3.2. IEEE Malaysia Educational Activities Award  (New!)
3.3. IEEE Malaysia Professional Activities Award  (New!)
3.4. IEEE Malaysia Industry Activities Award  (New!)
3.5. IEEE Malaysia Activity Innovation Award (New!)
For IEEE Malaysia Awards & Recognition CommitteeFawnizu Azmadi Hussin, PhDhttp://bit.ly/fawnizu