2014 IEEE Region 10 Student Activities Contests

We are happy to continue the activities in 2014 and introduce new activities in later part of this year. We are hoping that, you will give us maximum response this year too.
I am happy to announce the R10 SAC competitions for 2014.

  1. IEEE R10 PG & UG Student Paper Contests: Deadline 30th April 2014. Visithttps://region10sac.fluidreview.com/ to submit your nomination.
  2. The IEEE R10 website contest: Deadline 30th April 2014. Visit https://region10sac.fluidreview.com/ to submit your nomination.

In case of any question, please visit our R10 SAC website at http://www.r10sac.org or contact RSAC Om Perkash at om.perkash@ieee.org , Pasan Pethiyagode at pasan.uom@gmail.com