2014 IEEE Region 10 Contest (paper + website) results

Dear Council & Section Chairs, SAC Chairs and Student members,
Thank you very much for your co-operation with R10 SAC. Once again, this year we had good number of participation in R10 (Asia-Pacific) Student contests. I am attaching the results of IEEE R10 paper contest and Website contest.
Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to all the participants, Section SAC Chairs and the Reviewers. Student Paper contest Prize is funded by the IEEE Life Members’ Committee.
Winners, please get in touch with RSAC Chair Om Perkash at om.perkash@ieee.org to claim your prize money.
Thank you.
2014 IEEE Region 10 Student Paper Contest Results

NamePaper TitlePosition
Post-Graduate Category
Wei Choon TaySingapore
Stable and Efficient ADI Method for Chip/Package Thermal Simulation1st
Kwok Tai ChuiCity University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
Driver Fatigue Detection using A Novel ECG based Drowsiness Detection Algorithm with Head Distraction Detection2nd
Fleming Dackson GudaguntiIEEE TOCE (Bangalore)
Photonic Crystal Based Biosensor For Early Stage Detection of Cervical Cancer3rd
Under-Graduate Category
Zhang MengyingIEEE NTU Student Branch (Singapore)
Investigation of Magnetic Fluid and Optical Fiber-Based Magnetic Field Sensor1st
Hon-Ming YipCity University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
An Automated Platform for Long-Term Monitoring of Parallel Microfluidic Operations2nd
Chen LiangNational University of Singapore (Singapore)
Scalable Visual Scene Understanding Using Saliency-Guided Object Localization3rd

2014 IEEE Region 10 Website Contest Results
First Position: IEEE NSU Student Branch
Student Branch URL: http://www.ieeensu.com
Second Position: University of Colombo School of Computing
Student Branch URL: www.compsoc.lk/ieee
Third Position: College of Engineering Trivandrum
Student Branch URL: www.ieeesbcet.org

Om Perkash
2014 IEEE R10 SAC Chair