The Social Program will include gatherings at which conference participants and accompanying persons can attend:

Banquet Dinner

The Banquet Dinner for all registered participants will take place at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS on 16 Oct 2019.

Note: The accompanying persons with the registered participants will have to purchase a ticket.

Caving Adventure to “Gua Tempurung”

Explore the bowels of the earth as you descend deeper into Gua Tempurung on this exciting and heart pumping adventure.

Note: The Social Tour is for registered delegates and accompanying persons only.

1. Admire the Gorgeous Golden Flowstone and Other Limestone Formations
2. Observe Shy Cave Dwellers
3. Traverse the Challenging Terrain

Tour Description:
Calling all spelunkers and cave enthusiasts; this tour presents the perfect opportunity for you to explore the bowels of Gua Tempurung, a cave that has existed more than 10,000 years ago. One of the longest and largest in Peninsular Malaysia, the cave is home to stunning stalagmites and stalactites; forming unique shapes that have charmed thousands of visitors since its discovery. At 3 km long, the entirety of the accessible area will take hours to explore but we will only be attempting just 1.9 km. However, the tour is far from a breeze as you will be crawling, sliding, and shimming as you traverse underground rivers, slippery passages and rock faces, and wade through water. With 5 large caverns, beautiful limestone formations and other speleological wonders, the cave is definitely worth exploring.

Your tour begins early in the morning as we will take a leisurely drive to the mouth of Gua Tempurung where we will register ourselves. We will then follow an experienced guide through the network of steps. Make sure your shoes have a proper grip as the place is damp and slippery. En route, we will stop briefly to admire the stunning Golden Flowstone and later, explore other huge caverns. Listen to the experienced guide as he lists out the names of the unique limestone formations and do feel free to ask any questions. Snap away on your cameras but do remember to keep it in waterproof casings or bring a waterproof camera. At the end of the tour, we will stop for some lunch and freshen up before heading back to the city.

What’s Included:
1. English-Speaking Guide
2. Transfer within Area of Activities
3. Necessary Safety Equipment
4. Entrance Fee
5. Official Participation Certificate
6. First Aid Kit

Note: Insurance and Photographer are NOT included.