IEEE Learning for Members and Volunteers

Volunteer Position Training
Section Chair
Section Vice Chair
Section Secretary
Section Treasurer
Section Technical Chapter Chair
Section Life Member Affinity Group Chair
Section GOLD Affinity Group Chair
Section Affinity Group Vice Chair
Section Educational Activities Chair
Student Branch Chair
Student Branch Vice Chair
Student Branch Counselor
Section Student Branch Mentor
Section Membership Development Chair
Career Management Through the Member Lifecycle Abstract
Doing Professional Activities in Your Sections Anywhere in the World Abstract
Emotional Intelligence Abstract
Fearless Networking for Engineers Abstract
Managing Your Career Abstract
Networking Skills for Professional Success Abstract
People Skills in a Competitive Environment Abstract
Stuff You Don’t Learn in Engineering School: Essential Skills Abstract
The Best Way and the Best Place to Publish Your Best Work Abstract
Transition into Management Abstract
Stuff you Don’t Learn in Engineering School: Communicating Effectively Abstract
Financial Management for Section and Chapters Abstract
NetSuite Abstract
An Introduction to Leadership: A Primer for the Practitioner Abstract
IEEE Principles of Business Conduct and Conflict of Interest Abstract
Improving the Professional through the IEEE Code of Ethics Abstract
Introduction to Leadership Abstract
Leadership Development Abstract
Thinking Like a Leader: The TILL System Abstract
What it Takes to be an Innovator Abstract
Building Alliances with Industry Abstract
Conflict Management Abstract
Geek in the Lead: Growing from Engineer to Manager Abstract
Risk Management Abstract
Stuff You Don’t Learn in Engineering School: Management Skills Abstract
Stuff You Don’t Learn in Engineering School: People Skills Abstract
Two Brains Are Better Than One: Right-Brained Project Management Abstract
Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Abstract
Conducting Conferences/Workshops Abstract
Conference Basics: For New Conference Organizers Abstract
Conference Finance and Indirect Tax Abstract
Conference Initiation Abstract
Conference Organizer Basics Abstract
Conference Publications Abstract
Conferences and Membership Value Abstract
Contingency Planning for Conferences Abstract
Create a Successful Teacher In-Service Program in Your Section Abstract
Development and Promotion of Section-driven Humanitarian Technology Projects Abstract
Engaging Members in Humanitarian Efforts Abstract
How the IEEE Foundation Helps Sections Achieve Goals Abstract
MGA and TA Conference Best Practices Abstract
MGA Sponsorship Approval Process Abstract
Resources Available for Program Planning—Educational, Professional, Standards Abstract
Sponsorship and Events Promotion 101 Abstract
An Introduction to IEEE-HKN and How to Establish an IEEE-HKN Chapter Abstract
Building Section/Chapter/Society Relationships Abstract
Celebrating the Member Through Awards and Recognition Abstract
IEEE eLearning Library: Tools for Promoting Engineering Education Abstract
Improving IEEE’s Engagement with Industry Abstract
Increasing Visibility of Local IEEE Activities Abstract
Leveraging Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) Affinity Groups Abstract
Life Members: How to Engage Members in Your Programs via Affinity Groups Abstract
Media Training for Section Leaders Abstract
Mentoring Connection Program Abstract
Preserving Section History Abstract
Revving Your Section’s Engine: Turning Off Autopilot! Abstract
Section Vitality Abstract
Strategic Planning—How to incorporate the IEEE and MGA Vision at the Local Level Abstract
The IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Program: How It Can Benefit Your Section Members Abstract
Women in Engineering: How to Engage Members in Your Programs Via Affinity Groups Abstract
Career Management Through the Member Lifecycle Abstract
Developing a 360 Degree View of the Member: Member Segmentation Abstract
Driving Member Satisfaction Across the Member Life Cycle Abstract
Engaging New Members: The First Year Member Experience Abstract
Engaging Students and Student Activities Abstract
IEEE Members in a Global Workforce Abstract
Increasing Society Membership Through Chapter Engagement Abstract
Member Engagement through Affinity Group Activities Abstract
Member Grade Elevation and Recognition Abstract
Member Recognition Through the Lifecycle—Grades and Elevations Abstract
Membership Development—Creating Leads and Following Through Abstract
Resources and Tools for Member Development Abstract
Squaring the Society-Chapter-Section Triangle: Meeting Member Technical Needs Abstract
The Benefits of Membership Abstract
How to Run a Successful Webinar: Connecting and Educating More Members While Cutting Costs Abstract
Introducing vTools and How to Enhance the Volunteer Experience Abstract
Member Engagement Using Social Media Abstract
Resources and Tools in Support of Membership Development Abstract
vTools: Free Electronic Tools in Support of Section, Chapter, and Affinity Group Volunteers and Members

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