IEEE Malaysia Chapters

Technical Chapters

  1. Antennas & Propagation / Microwave Theory & Technique / Electromagnetic Compatibility Joint Chapter (AP/MTT/EMC, CH10226)
  2. Circuits and Systems Society (CAS, CH10307)
  3. Communication Society and Vehicular Technology Society Joint Chapter (COMSOC/VTS, CH10361)
  4. Components, Packaging & Manufacturing Technologies Society (CPMT, CH10258)
  5. Computational Intelligence Society (CIS, CH10669)
  6. Computer Society (CS, CH10253)
  7. Consumer Electronics Society (CES, CH10455)
  8. Control Systems Society (CSS, CH10421)
  9. Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society (DEI, CH10733)
  10. Education Society (EDUSOC, CH10396)
  11. Electron Devices / Microwave Theory and Techniques / Solid State Circuits Joint Chapter, Penang (EDS/MTT/SSCS, CH10341)
  12. Electron Devices Society (EDS, CH10105)
  13. Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS, CH10441)
  14. Geoscience & Remote Sensing Society (GRS, CH10619)
  15. Industrial Electronics / Industry Applications Joint Chapter (IE/IA, CH10295)
  16. Instrumentation and Measurement Society (IMS, CH10355)
  17. Oceanic Engineering Society (OE, CH10729)
  18. Photonics Society (PS, CH10306)
  19. Power and Energy Society (PES, CH10106)
  20. Power Electronics Society (PELS, CH10628)
  21. Robotics and Automation Society (RAS, CH10365)
  22. Signal Processing Society (SP, CH10284)
  23. Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society (SMC, CH10534)
  24. Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS, CH10706)
  25. Electronics Packaging Society (EPS)
  26. RFID Council Malaysia Chapter
  27. Sensors and Nanotechnology Joint Councils Chapter (CH10820 SEN39/NANO42)

Affinity Groups

  1. Women in Engineering (WIE)
  2. Young Professionals (YP – formerly GOLD)
  3. Consultant Networks (CNAG)

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