CONGRATULATIONS! — Regional IEEE Appointments

I’d like to share a congratulatory message to two of our exemplary volunteers Professor Lee Yoot Khuan and Professor Zuhaina Zakaria for their recently announced achievement in the regional and global IEEE committees in 2020. They have been supporting Malaysia section for many years. Prof Lee served under the Educational Activities portfolio, among others, for Malaysia section. Prof Zuhaina served various portfolios and later as section chair for 2015-2016.
For 2020, Prof Lee has been given the following appointments under the IEEE EA portfolio and under EMBS. Congratulations!
1. 2020 IEEE EAB Appointment: Pre-University Education Coordinating Committee (PECC)
2. 2020 IEEE R10 EA Committee (EAC)
3. 2020 Chair, Chapter Development Committee IEEE EMBS
For 2020, Prof Zuhaina has been given the following appointments under Power & Energy Society and under MGA.
1. 2020 IEEE PES Long Range Planning Committee
2. 2020 IEEE Admission and Advancement Committee (A&A)
Please join me to congratulate Prof Lee and Prof Zuhaina on the above appointments.

Fawnizu Azmadi Hussin, PhD
Chair, IEEE Malaysia Section
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