With great pleasure, I would like to inform that IEEE Malaysia AP/MTT/EMC Joint Chapter has decided to give away 2019 IEEE Malaysia AP/MTT/EMC Chapter Publication Awards. This award is open for all registered 2020 IEEE AP/MTT/EMC Members (If you are not yet register, you can register now to be eligible for the award) that has published their research findings in any IEEE journals/conferences papers. This time around, we will have two main categories which are:

  1. i) IEEE Excellent Award
  2. ii) IEEE Best Paper Award


  1. The award will be in the form of certificate signed by The Chair of IEEE Malaysia AP/MTT/EMC Joint Chapter Malaysia. Selected award recipient (best paper award) will receive their certificate in 2020 Annual General Meeting IEEE Malaysia AP/MTT/EMC Joint Chapter. The requirements of these awards are attached with this email. Applicant can register for this award through Google link here (https://forms.gle/ytFV7FKKW5y44Rjg6). Closing date for these awards application is on 1st January 2020.
  2. We hope this award can enhance the promotion of knowledge especially in the field of antennas, propagation, microwave and Electromagnetic compatibility.

Thank You



Dr. Mohd Haizal Jamaluddin (haizal@fke.utm.my)

Executive Committee

IEEE AP/MTT/EMC Joint Chapter Malaysia 2019








  1. The awards are open for all registered IEEE AP/MTT/EMC JOINT CHAPTER MALAYSIA members in Malaysia (already registered for 2020 Membership).
  2. There will be two types of awards which are:
  3. a) IEEE AP/MTT/EMC Excellent Award
  4. b) IEEE AP/MTT/EMC Best Paper Award
  5. Each member can apply for this award as many as they want, but only can receive one award ONLY.
  6. IEEE Members can apply for this award as long he/she is one of the author (Main author, corresponding author or co-author) of the paper. However, one paper can only be claimed for one award.
  7. Only IEEE papers (journals or conferences) will be accepted for this award.
  8. Due date for this award is on 1st January 2020 and the notification of the awards recipient will be made on 10th January 2020 through email.
  9. The awards will be given in 2019 Annual General Meeting IEEE Malaysia AP/MTT/EMC Joint Chapter which will be held on 18th January 2020.
  10. All decisions for the publication awards made by IEEE Malaysia AP/MTT/EMC Joint Chapter committee are final.



  1. A) IEEE AP/MTT/EMC 2019 Excellent Award


  1. This award is open to any chapter member that has published in any IEEE paper in ANY YEAR.
  2. The listed paper must not win the same award conducted in previous year.
  3. This award is based on number of citation (Index in Scopus) and divided into two categories’ as follows:
Categories Minimum number of citation (Scopus Index)
(A) Age more than 40 30
(B) Age less than 40 20



  1. B) IEEE AP/MTT/EMC 2019 Best Paper Award


  1. This award is open to any chapter member that has published in any IEEE 2019 prestigious journal.
  2. The IEEE paper must be listed as Q1/Q2 journal in ISI Web of Science and must be fallen in the area of Antenna and Propagation, Microwave theory and Techniques and Electromagnetic Compatibility.
  3. These awards will be divided into 3 categories based on members selected society:
             Categories Best Paper Awards
(A) IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society
(B) IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society
(C) IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society


  1. Examples of papers that fall within this area are IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, IEEE Access, IEEE Communications, Surveys and Tutorials and etc.


Dr. Mohd Haizal Jamaluddin

Associate Professor

Wireless Communication Center (WCC)

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

81310 UTM Johor Bahru

Johor, malaysia

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