GRA Vacancy for a Blockchain Project

University / Institute University of Southampton Malaysia Campus
Website URL for the Research Center/Lab (optional)
Project Title Enhanced Zero Knowledge Proof for Preserving Privacy in Blockchains
Start Date Jan 01, 2020
End Date Dec 31, 2022
Funding Agency University of Southampton Malaysia
Contact Email(s) Lim Chee Shen /
Contact Phone(s) 07-5602474
Nationality Requirements on Candidate(s) Open to all nationalities
Description University: University of Southampton Malaysia
Project Title: Enhanced Zero Knowledge Proof for Preserving Privacy in Blockchains
Start Date: Jan 01, 2020
End Date: Dec 31, 2022
Funding Agency: University of Southampton Malaysia
Monthly Allowance: RM2300
Nationality Requirements: Malaysian citizens
Contact Emails:
Contact Person: Dr. JingHuey Khor, Dr. C. S. Lim

Although blockchain technology offers a lot of benefits for Internet of Things (IoT) network in terms of security, there are a number of barriers to its widespread adoption. One of these barriers is its pseudo-anonymous feature and it is susceptible to linking attack. The aim of this project is to analyze the existing zero knowledge proof (ZKP) algorithms in blockchain technology and to redesign ZKP algorithm in order to improve blockchain scalability and cost. ZKP algorithms can be used to verify a transaction without the need to expose their private inputs. However, the work involved in generating a ZKP is computationally intensive. The focus of this project will be on designing an efficient zero knowledge proof algorithm that can be supported by resource constrained IoT devices. The ideal candidate should have at minimum an excellent bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering, computer science, or a closely related discipline.

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