GRA vacancy for “Evaluation of Lightning Protection Systems with Different Grounding Systems” project

University / Institute Multimedia University
Research Center/Lab (optional) CEEA
Project Title Evaluation of Lightning Protection Systems with Different Grounding Systems
Start Date Nov 01, 2019
End Date Oct 31, 2021
Funding Agency TM
Contact Name /  Email(s) Dr. Nurul Nadia Ahmad /
Contact Phone(s) 0383125479
Nationality Requirements on Candidate(s) Open to all nationalities
Description Project Duration: 2 Years (November 2019 – October 2021)
Monthly Salary: RM 1800-2500 for MEngSc, or RM 2300-3000 for PhD (depending upon candidate’s experience)
Location: Faculty of Engineering, MMU Cyberjaya

Benefits of the project (not limited to):
• Attending local conference(s) based on oneself effort in publication.
• Waived postgraduate fees
• Testing in laboratory and at field sites.
• To perform the tests, measurements, analysis on the earthing systems.
• To perform simulation using CDEGS to design for typical grounding systems, to simulate for Ground Potential Rise (GPR), touch and step potentials for different systems level.
• To do any relevant administrative work/purchasing matters as requested.
• Research and publication work.
• Must pursue Master in Engineering Science (M.Eng.Sc.) or PhD.
• Bachelor’s degree with honours in Electrical Engineering discipline, preferably 2nd class or above for M.Eng.Sc., or a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering for PhD.
• Good knowledge of high voltage and earthing systems.
• Good English proficiency.
• Self-motivated, requires minimal supervision, resourceful, keen to learn, possess good communication skills and able to work under pressure.

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