GRA vacancy for “Physical Theories of Urban Transport Networks via Transportation Data” project

University / Institute Xiamen University Malaysia
Research Center/Lab (optional) Urban Science research group
Project Title Physical Theories of Urban Transport Networks via Transportation Data
Start Date Sep 01, 2019
End Date Aug 31, 2019
Funding Agency Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE)
Contact Person / Email(s) Kelvin Ooi Jian Aun /
Contact Phone(s) +603-87055116
Nationality Requirements on Candidate(s) Applicants must be Malaysian citizens
Description The Urban Science research group of Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM) seeks to hire a suitable candidate for the position of a graduate research assistant whom also has the intention to enroll in XMUM’s upcoming Masters degree program. The successful candidate will be working with XMUM faculty members across various disciplines, and would have to enroll in XMUM Masters program when it commences next year.

Key Responsibilities include but not limited to
• Collection of traffic data of urban road networks in Malaysia and abroad.
• Proposing models of road networks using physical and electrical theories.
• Assistance in creating a transportation network simulator package.
• Assistance to the principal and co-investigators in various tasks related to the project.

Project Background
Physical Theories of Urban Transport Networks via Transportation Data
Duration: 2019 – 2021
The aspirations of intelligent cities would require the component of robust and intelligent transportation planning. The current urban transportation planning process may not be able to cope with rapid urban growth. Hence, the objective of this research is to identify and understand the fundamental physical theories associated with urban transport systems, in order to create a simple and deterministic transportation forecasting model. The study would first gather transportation data from critical, local urban road networks. From the data, key parameters that affects the flow of traffic will be identified. The parameters would then be fitted into an analogous electrical circuit model that would form the basic building blocks for the study of larger and wider transportation networks. It is expected that the research will reveal unprecedented insights into urban transport networks in Malaysia and solve the many paradoxes of urban transport design. The results from this research will be bring a huge paradigm shift to the way urban transport planning is carried out at the policy level.

Candidate Requirements
• Malaysian citizens.
• A Bachelor degree relevant in Science and Engineering fields, with preference for degrees related to electrical, electronics, physics and network theory.
• Intention to enroll in a Masters degree program.
• Have a deep passion and commitment for multidisciplinary research.
• Good command of written and spoken English.
• Experience in using software (e.g. PSPICE) and manuscript writing is a plus.

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