GRA Vacancy in “Correlating the Displacement Current to Output Power for Variable Charge Density Generators” project

University / Institute Taylor’s University
Research Center/Lab (optional) HIRes Laboratories
Website URL for the Research Center/Lab (optional)
Project Title Correlating the Displacement Current to Output Power for Variable Charge Density Generators
Start Date Oct 01, 2019
End Date Sep 30, 2021
Funding Agency Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI)
Contact Name / Email(s) Assoc.Prof. Dr. Chockalingam Aravind Vaithilingam /
Contact Phone(s) +0060123543891
Nationality Requirements on Candidate(s) Open to all nationalities
Description The objective of this research is to derive the linkage between the polarization media component and the output power in relation to
that of the variable charge density generators, represented as capacitive models for power generation. The fundamental
characteristics of this current component possibly relate the contact electrification of the charging effect on the dielectric surfaces.
The polarization of charge across the dielectric generate power that can be tracked as source of energy in contact generators. With
this fundamental characterization, developing effective process and structure for variable charge density contact based generators is
very helpful in developing commercial applications as low power devices and sensors. The methodology involves the model the field
equations for finite conductivity localities where discharge occurs at dielectric points. A sample test bed with nano-wire embedded
surface is used for the experimental verifications for the force to voltage generation characteristics. This demonstrated the capability
of energy generations using the contact electrifications is modularly integrated to the transparent surface that can pass light to be
captured through the conventional solar array, typically making the system to be ideally used rain or shine.
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