Congratulations to These 21 New Senior Members in Malaysia

I would like to congratulate these 21 new Senior Members who have been elevated in February and April 2019 (see the two tables below).
Congratulations everyone.
For this year, Section MD Chair, Dr Md Pauzi Abdullah, has planned a series of SM Elevation Workshops to assist interested members who would like to apply for membership elevation to SM. Dr Pauzi will be sharing the details very soon. Last year we successfully elevated 140 new senior members, which is the highest in the world. The details are available at
For those who are already applying or will be applying, you should complete the application and the three required referrals by 18th of July in order to make it into the August A&A meeting (Singapore). For June meeting, the deadline is already closed.
Below are the details of the new senior members. CONGRATULATIONS!
11 Senior Members elevated during the 16th February 2019 A&A meeting in Tampa, Florida.
Abbas Maythem K.
Asnawi Ani
Hashim Hashimah
Lim Tek Yong
Mezhuyev Vitaliy
Misran Norbahiah
Mohd Yusoff Norain
Noordin Nurul
Ooi ChiaYee
10 Senior Members elevated during the 13th April 2019 A&A meeting in Princeton, New Jersey.
Abdul Latiff Nurul Adilah
Che Beson Mohd Rashidi
Che Seman Fauziahanim
Chew KimMey
Chua Hui Na
Sanudin Rahmat
Tan Leong Ping
Yahaya Nor Zaihar
Zainal Abidin Mohd Shahnan


Fawnizu Azmadi Hussin, PhD
Chair, IEEE Malaysia Section
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