Congratulations to our newly elevated senior members (October 2018)

Dear IEEE Members,

I’m pleased to announce that the results of the 6th October 2018 Admission & Advancement (A&A) Committee meeting where they review the senior membership applications, has been announced. You can find the details at
In summary, 37 new members have been elevated in this round, including 9 from Sarawak subsection. I also would like to congratulate the 4 members from Sabah and Sarawak who were elevated during the August A&A meeting. I had missed their names during the previous announcement.
As of today, we have a total of 108 members elevated this year 2018. Congratulations to everyone.
Fyi, we have completed the final SM elevation workshop last week at USM Engineering Campus. See you again in the SM workshops in 2019.
From 6th October 2018 meeting,
Malaysia Section Ab Rahim Rosminazuin
Malaysia Section Ahmad Norulhusna
Malaysia Section Chiam Yinkia
Malaysia Section Chong Lee Ying
Malaysia Section Hajjaj Sami
Malaysia Section Hoe Min
Malaysia Section Ismoyo Dody
Malaysia Section Kadir Kushsairy
Malaysia Section Kamardin Kamilia
Malaysia Section Mahamad Abd Kadir
Malaysia Section Mansor Wahidah
Malaysia Section Mat Said Dalila
Malaysia Section Md Ayob Shahrin
Malaysia Section Md. Yusoff Nelidya
Malaysia Section Mohamad Hanif Noor Hazrin Hany
Malaysia Section Mohamad Nasir Haidawati
Malaysia Section Mohd Isa Farah
Malaysia Section Mohd Izhar Mohd Azri
Malaysia Section Mohmad Abdul Rahman
Malaysia Section Rafiqul MD Rafiqul
Malaysia Section Rahman Md Mozasser
Malaysia Section Raja-Yusof Raja-Jamilah
Malaysia Section Salleh Norsaremah
Malaysia Section Su Moon Ting
Malaysia Section Sulaiman Shahril Irwan
Malaysia Section Wong Yew Hoong
Malaysia Section Yafi Eiad
Malaysia Section Yussof Salman
Sarawak Subsection Awg Iskandar Dayang Nurfatimah
Sarawak Subsection Bin Yaacob A.Razak
Sarawak Subsection Chin Ann Ong
Sarawak Subsection Kee Keh Kim
Sarawak Subsection Lau Sei Ping
Sarawak Subsection Tan Chong Eng
Sarawak Subsection Ting Huong Yong
Sarawak Subsection Yong Ching Yee
Sarawak Subsection Zen Hushairi
From August 2018 A&A meeting (missing names from earlier announcement)
Sabah Subsection Nisar Kashif
Sarawak Subsection Hasan Mohammad
Sarawak Subsection Lau Kwan Yiew
Sarawak Subsection Mazlan Mohammad Nur Azhar

Fawnizu Azmadi Hussin, PhD
Membership Development Officer
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