IEEE EDS Malaysia Broga Hill Hiking Programme

EDS Malaysia chapter will be conducting an outdoor activity to enhance social networking among members.
Details of the program are as follows:
Date: 21st July 2018 (Saturday)
Assembly time: 7.30 am
Assembly point: Broga Hill Park Parking area
(Google map/waze: Broga Hill Park)
Please register for the activity before Friday 20th of July 2018, 12 pm.
This activity is FREE for all IEEE & EDS members.
Please register here:

Thank you.

P Susthitha Menon (Susi), PhD, SM.IEEE, M.OSA, M.SPIE

Chair, IEEE Electron Devices Malaysia Section
Technical Chair, 13th IEEE Int Conf on Semiconductor Electronics (ICSE2018), 15-17 Aug 2018, Kuala Lumpur
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