Recommendations from March’18 strategic planning retreat – IEEE Malaysia

Dear IEEE members,

On 10-11 March 2018, IEEE Malaysia section conducted our first strategic planning retreat. The 1.5-day workshop was attended by chapter chairs and some representatives, in order to understand the pain points and the wish lists from members (based on an online survey conducted earlier) and develop an action plan on what IEEE Malaysia and its 26 chapters should do in order to provide better benefits and opportunities to the members. The workshop also proposed strategies for IEEE Malaysia to be more relevant to the industry and the government.
The participants were divided into four groups. Each group tried to answer the above objectives from the points of view of members from industry, academia, young professionals and student members. Below some photos of the respective groups during the heated discussions.
On behalf of Malaysia section, I’d like to share below the key findings and recommendations from the workshop. Malaysia section and chapters will take up the recommendations and implement in 2018 what are possible within the constraints of manpower (since all are volunteers) and resources. Those that are not doable in the short term will be carried over to the following year. Hopefully with these initiatives, members will benefit more from the membership of IEEE.
If you would like to offer your time/resources to enable any of these initiatives, you can reach out to me or the respective chapters directly. All their contact details are available at their respective websites, which are linked at
If you want to help IEEE Malaysia as a volunteer, please provide your details at
All the best to everyone. Happy volunteering and selamat hari raya aidilfitri.
Fawnizu Azmadi Hussin, PhD
Vice Chair, IEEE Malaysia Section
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