Message to all voting members in R10 on IEEE Elections Results

Dear IEEE members,


Thank you for participating in the 2017 IEEE Annual Elections.


Jose M. F. Moura has been elected as the 2018 IEEE President-Elect.

Our Region 10’s total ballots returned was 13.30% and the IEEE’s total ballots returned was 15.59%


In order to encourage our members to vote, Region 10 provides an incentive to the Sections with the highest voting percentage.


I am pleased to announce the 3 Sections for its highest voting percentage amongst the 57 Sections in Region 10.

They will receive US$ 500, US$ 300 and US$ 200 respectively.


  • 1st Highest voting percentage: Tainan Section (22.90%)
  • 2nd Highest voting percentage: Hiroshima Section (22.34%)
  • 3rd Highest voting percentage: Harbin Section (20.04%)


Congratulations to the above 3 Sections for helping to raise the returned ballots for our Region.


Yours Sincerely,

Prof. Kukjin Chun

2017 – 2018 IEEE Region 10 Director

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