IEEE Malaysia Section Website Competition 2017

IEEE Malaysia Section will conduct a website competition and all chapters, subsection, affinity groups and student branches under the Malaysia Section are invited to submit entries of their websites.

Scope of Entries:

All technical chapters, subsection, affinity groups and student branches are eligible for the website competition. Each chapter may submit entries with no more than one website. The website may contain information about the activities done by the chapters; information about featured program, competition and events; even activities conducted within the Section/Council/Region; may provide means for people to communicate with each other or may showcase the awards and achievements of its members. So please make sure that your website is always updated!


Only technical chapter, subsection, affinity groups and student branches under the Malaysia Section can apply for the contest.

Competition Track:        

1) Chapter/Subsection/AG website

2) Student branch website


Submission Deadline: 30th Nov, 2017.


Evaluation Period:

Evaluation will be conducted from 1st Dec to 15th Dec 2017. During this period, entry participant is not allowed to update the website. Interested chapters/subsection/affinity groups/student branches can register their participation via this link:

Result will be announced during IEEE Malaysia Section Dinner 2018.


We look forward to receiving your submission. Let the website be the great platform for information sharing, knowledge expanding and a tool for our diverse networking.

Yours sincerely,

Rosmiwati Mohd-Mokhtar

IEEE Malaysia Section

Executive Committee

Communication & Newsletter

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